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Zero Time Dilemma Part 5

The curtains pull back.

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Unanswered Questions

  • Zero's implied motive seemingly has no connection to the actions which brought the world to ruin.  What is his actual goal?

Real-life references/myths
  • The Many Worlds Interpretation, as Akane says, is an interpretation of quantum mechanics, stating that all possible alternate realities and futures are real.
  • Akane's entire explanation of the timeline theories uses Back to the Future as its central example.
Path Summary: "Ambidex"
  • Akane, Junpei and Carlos wake up in a nuclear control room.  Team Q is dead.
  • After solving the puzzle, Carlos and Junpei are forced to play a variation of the Ambidex Game, with their own lives as well as two others on the line.  Both possible timelines are shown - Junpei picks "Betray" and Carlos dies, or Carlos picks Betray and Junpei dies (before he is struck down by Akane).  Through this, it is revealed that Carlos is an Esper with the power of SHIFT.  Reverie Syndrome is a part of this too - constant, uncontrolled shifting.
  • Carlos has seen glimpses of other timelines as well, revealing Q team's deaths as well as a hidden door behind the portrait in their wing of the shelter.
  • They set the reactor to overload so they can shift to another timeline.  Doing so, they shift to the timeline where they rolled poorly on the dice.
  • This time, however, Carlos and Junpei shield Akane's body with the bullets, dying so that two more X-passes can be revealed.  All three of them shift to the timeline where the three of them survived.
  • However, the X-Pass does not work - they are all unique to a given history.
  • An "evil" Q appears, saying they have violated the rules and must die.  Carlos, desperate to save himself, shifts to another timeline.
  • He arrives in the timeline after he killed Akane and lost a hand.  He bandages his arm, then searches for clues to his attacker's identity, as well as telling Q team about the hidden door behind the portrait.
Path Summary: "Reality"
  • Q is alone in the shelter; seven are dead and Mira has escaped after inputting the X-passes.  He sees all of these events occur, including Mira stabbing Eric.
  • Zero appears on a monitor, instructing him to come to the Quantum Computer Dome to find the truth.
  • Zero is there, and alive.  He reveals to Q that he is just one of many identical robots in the facility, all run by the Quantum Computer, and that his appearance is modeled on a boy named Sean - the one in his story who died owing to a series of unfortunate events.
  • Zero gives Q a choice - press a button that will duplicate his personality into the quantum computer in a simulated reality, or refuse and be irreversibly deleted.
  • Q presses the button and indeed, his personality is copied into the computer, showing a reality where "Sean" lived.
  • The original Q remains in the computer room with Zero, who tells him that "a senior citizen and a boy with an incurable disease met at a hospital", and that the boy accepted his fate when his only hope at survival was lost.  He also seemingly reveals a motive - to find someone who can completely control the "quantum computer" and find the "ultimate reality".
  • He gives Q a password - 6140-4091, and says it may come in handy before walking away.
  • The code is revealed to be to Q's helmet, which is his actual head.  It detaches and falls to the floor as he cries out in horror.