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Zero Time Dilemma Part 6

Prepare for the mind-blender.

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Path Summary: "Pop Off" (Continued)

  • Eric demands Mira's killer from Q.  He cries, saying he doesn't know, and Eric relents momentarily.  Q suggests they work together to find the killer.
  • Gab arrives with Carlos's note, telling them to "Search the family portrait".  They do so, finding a yellow door.  On it a clue is written - "Twins' Birthday."
  • Examining Mira's body, they find her nails are bloody, hinting she struggled against her killer.
  • Before they can find out more, Zero drugs them.
Path Summary: "Transport" (Continued)
  • Diana and Sigma awake after Akane is gone.  They are alive, but trapped in the shelter.
  • Diana suggests they try the Transporter again, but it will take ten months to recharge.  They have just enough food rations to last that long.
  • Ten months pass, Diana and Sigma become close, and they bear children - fraternal twins - on November 16th, 2029.
  • Out of supplies, they duplicate the children, sending them into the past.  They are named Phi and Delta; Phi receives Phi's brooch while Delta receives Diana's music box, and they are duplicated and sent to the past.
  • D-END 2
Path Summary: "Door to Truth"
  • Diana and Sigma input the year of the twins' birth and the door opens, letting them into the Pod Room.  They find Eric and Q alive in the pods, as well as several deceased people - Mira, Akane and Junpei, as well as the headless bodies of Diana, Phi and Sigma from this timeline.
  • The monitor comes on, showing Akane's death at Carlos's hands.  They suspect he may try to escape now that six people are dead and rush to the X-door.
  • Sure enough, they find Carlos there, with him asking how Diana and Sigma got here.  He then sees Q and reacts, seeing as another "Q" tried to kill him in another timeline.
  • The input panel is destroyed; Eric says he remembers doing it, and that he has to kill Diana's killer.  He turns the gun on the others and demands the killer confess, or he'll kill them all.
  • Diana seems to have a theory for who Mira's killer is; she asks Eric to shoot at the wall.  He does so, revealing that the room they're in is a holographic projection, similar to the Healing Room.  Further, the building doesn't have three distinct "wards" - it was one big building all along, and they were not all awake at the same time as they were led to be - each team's bracelets all show different times, two hours off.  While one team was active, the other two were asleep in the pods.
  • Sigma and Diana are about to be injected again, meaning they'll forget these revelations; Diana comes up with a plan.  They go to the transporter room, and there use the "cards" to stop the needles from injecting them.
  • (Continued in "Get Back")
  • X-Passes Revealed: June, Jump, Virgin, Blue, Red, Milk
Path Summary: "Get Back"
  • They explain everything to Eric, who only views them with more suspicion.  Carlos deduces that this transporter may work for his plan, and that this "Q" is not the killer he remembers.
  • An unstable Eric demands Carlos prove that SHIFTing is real; he agrees to do so.  He gets Diana to explain the transporter's functions to him, then baits Eric into shooting him so he can shift out at the last second.
  • (Continued in "Q")
Path Summary: "Anthropic Principle" (Continued)
  • Carlos shifts back in before the "evil Q" makes impact and ducks, his head impacting on the wall hard enough to destroy the projector and disrupt the hologram.
  • He tells Akane and Junpei to go to the room with the Transporter, where he fills them in on what has occurred.  
  • A hologram of Zero then plays.  He no longer exists in this world, but promises answers if they come to the timeline where he does.  However, that timeline is the one where the three of them were executed after the opening vote.
  • Carlos sends Akane and Junpei ahead, saying he'll meet them there.  The "evil Q" attacks again and the Transporter is damaged in the fight.
  • Carlos wonders how he'll get to that timeline if he can't use the Transporter, but it is about to explode; he uses that to shift to another timeline where the Transporter is still usable.
  • (Continued in "Apocalypse")
Path Summary: "Apocalypse"
  • Junpei and Akane arrive from the transport, concerned that Carlos didn't follow them.  
  • Junpei goes to the lounge and finds the aftermath of Team D's bomb.
  • Zero appears on the TV, glad they found their way here safely.  He confirms that the timeline they are now in is the one where six billion people die in a Radical-6 pandemic, and that he is "Brother", founder of Free the Soul.
  • He claims that he allowed this to happen because, if he does nothing, a "religious fanatic" will spark a nuclear war that will end all life on earth - 8 billion lives lost.  Therefore, he released the pandemic hoping to kill the fanatic - and save two billion lives.  He also reveals that his story about the unjustly executed man and the woman's suicide is real - Akane's parents were those people.
  • He invites them to come to a Free the Soul ceremony, and says that they will come and that the truth will be revealed to them there.  DCOM is revealed to be a sacred site to Free the Soul - the place where their founder was born.  
  • (Therefore, Zero is Delta, sent back in time to 1904 by Sigma and Diana, and his oft-mentioned brother was not actually related to him by blood.)
  • He gives them a code, the "spell to open Pandora's Box" - Vive Hodie.
  • Gab arrives, carrying a message: "Anagram".
  • From this, Akane deduces the meaning of the phrase: "Let the game end where I treat two." -> "Together with me, we are ten."  The remaining letters spell DELTA.
  • The door explodes and Carlos enters; to get here, he went to the history where he pushed the yellow button, traveled back ten months with the Transporter, and simply waited.  However, he didn't stop Zero's plan - he wouldn't be able to meet Akane and Junpei if he did.  This means that the dark future depicted in VLR will occur.
  • Akane injects Junpei using her bracelet so that he will forget the events at DCOM, then declares she will make the AB project a success.
  • C-END 1
Path Summary: "Q"
  • Eric says he won't stop until all of them are dead; Q says he can prove his innocence.  He removes his head with the passcode, then shows that he bleeds synthetic (white) blood, and therefore cannot be Mira's killer.
  • He reveals that he has been Zero's accomplice the whole game; Eric demands to know Zero's real name.  He reveals it as "Delta".
  • The characters then address a previously unseen old man, who apparently was present in the shelter the whole time and whom they recognize from the early days of the experiment.  There, he was introduced as "Q" and said to be deaf and unable to walk.
  • He quickly proves that false, however, responding to their words and standing, as well as revealing that he was keeping tabs on the game the whole time through his glasses, which are fitted with feeds from all the cameras in the facility.  He can even peer into other timelines with this, though only ones where he is actually alive.
  • Delta has scratches on his neck, outing him as Mira's killer.  He reveals that Mira was his accomplice as well, though he gave her no specific orders - instead, he allowed her free reign of the facility and never actually injected her with the memory loss or anaesthetic drugs.  Therefore, she was Junpei's killer (as well as Eric, Diana and Sigma in other timelines).
  • With the console destroyed, it seems they have no way out of the facility; however, Q says he can interface directly with the Quantum Computer and open the door, so they go to the dome.  Just as he is about to do so, however, both he and Sigma are gunned down by Eric.
  • Delta states "I have no more use for this history" before Eric, seemingly against his will, turns the gun on himself.  With only Diana left alive, he turns to her and speaks one word: "Mom."
  • Q-END 2