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Free Game Friday 9/20/19: Hover!

Released on the Windows 95 installation CDs as a demonstration of just what the operating system was capable of, Hover has a simple premise - drive a hovercraft around an arena and capture all of the enemy drones' flags before they do the same to your own.  Flags are placed randomly and drones, while not especially smart, do get increasingly aggressive and numerous as levels go on.  In addition, each of the three stages is laden with traps - panels that will cause the player to get stuck, launch in a specified direction, lose speed or even lose flags if they touch them, to name a few.  To aid with both these obstacles, one is also given three types of powerups - a jump spring, a wall that can impede enemy drones, and a shield that will temporarily protect the player from traps.  It's a simple little game, but surprisingly fun if you have a few minutes to kill.

A 3D remake was also available as an in-browser game on Microsoft's site and downloadable via its app store for a time, offering multiplayer support and three types of hovercars to play as with varying stats, but as of April 2019 this version is no longer available.


Dark Cloud 2 Bonus 2 - More Useful Glitches

I used two more glitches to get some fishing medals done, which I'll show in a video and describe down below.  Once again, credit goes to the forever awesome Pokemonfan4000 and his Dark Cloud glitch videos.

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Using a lure on the Fishing Rod
  • You must have both a Lure Rod and a Fishing Rod, and have a lure of any type on the Lure Rod.
  • Equip any type of bait on the Fishing Rod, then highlight the bait equipped to the rod.  Press Square.  Move back to your inventory, highlight the lure you want to switch in and press Square to swap it, then move over the empty slot on the rod and press Circle once.  (Items will not stack on the rod unless you use another trick, and attempting to do so will simply erase the item you attempt to add.)
  • Now you can catch bigger fish as if you were using the Lure Rod, but without all the hassle of having to mash out vague and ill-defined button combinations!
Using a stack of bait (or lures) on the fishing rod
  • Equip the fishing rod and equip the bait/lure you want to use on it.
  • Once you have the bait type (or lure) you want equipped on the fishing rod and it's your active item, switch the equipment panel to Monica or the Ridepod (via L1/R1) and select the Lure Rod.  From the menu, choose "Unequip lure".
  • The lure will not be unequipped, but instead, all but one of the bait you have on the fishing rod will be stacked upon it, eliminating the need to have to swap it every time you catch a fish.  However, you will still need to enter/exit the menu to "re-equip" the bait each time you catch something.
You can equip literally any other item in the game onto the fishing rod in this manner too; however, this may cause bugs or irreversible damage to your save file and only lures and bait will work for catching fish, so do so at your own risk!


Slacker Sunday: Double Dragon

Punching is where you must begin
Seek the power of dragon within
Elbow Smash is how to win

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