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Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye - Dragon's Eye mode

Just wait for the opportunity to pull off a combo and you can win pretty much every time.  And don't block off your own moves like a moron.

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Final Fantasy IX Part 1

A modernized (read: modded) PS1 classic.

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Mods used

  • Memoria
  • Zidane (font - use with Memoria)
  • Sdlib.dll (fixes low-quality sound on PC port - copy it over the one that exists in the x64 directory)
Settings altered in Memoria.ini
  • Changed font to "Zidane"
  • Battle Swirl frames set to 25
  • Altered Battle FPS to 24 (default is 15)
  • Changed Speed Mode's Speed Factor to 2
  • Battle speed set to 1 (fast)


Suikoden V Part 10

Recruitment successful!  Also Godwin still sucks.

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Just talk to him and exit the menu until he gives in.  Don't ID shit.

...Yeah, it's really counterintuitive.

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