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Super Mario 64 Plus Part 1

 A totally unauthorized but significantly improved fan port of a classic



Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss Part 3

 Rotworm Stew

An area I overlooked off-camera was here.  This is the lake Oradinar tells you about; you can catch fish here very easily.  But it's also got two other things of note:
  • A locked chest containing Grav and Corp runes, a pile of gold and a wand of Magic Arrow on a little island you can easily swim to.  You can either lockpick it or break it open; I don't think it has a specific key.
  • If you come in through the locked door near the 3F staircase (pick or smash it open; I don't think there's a key for it), you can follow the path south and east to find an enchanted chain mail armor of Missile Protection.  Probably a better choice for characters with lower strength/carry weight (like me).


Breath of Fire III Part 5

 The Rock Ass

I did a little more Master shuffling off-camera, apprenticing Garr to Bunyan and Ryu to Giotto (who can be found at the pictured area, near Rhapala).

Once you have 2000 Fishing Points, he'll take you on as an apprentice.


Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss Part 2


Something I forgot to do on camera was report in to Goldthirst about slaying the Gazer, which gets us this little item:

We will need this later, so be sure to get it!

One of the nameless bandits on Level 3 also has a Ring of Resist Blows you can trade for; a very handy item to have.  Just give him a bit of gold or a gem and it's yours.