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Zero Time Dilemma Part 4

Team D's trials.

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Unanswered Questions

  • Who is the killer in "Suppression"?
  • What is the code in the "Door of Truth" timeline?

Path Summary: "Suppression"
  • Team D awakes in the Healing Room.
  • After completing the room puzzle, they are presented with a button that says "DO NOT PRESS".  After debating over it, they don't press it and the door opens.
  • They exit, with Sigma explaining the SHIFT Phenomenon to Diana.  Phi vanishes and the current casualties are announced: Team C and Eric are dead.
  • Diana gets a vision of C-Team's death - strangled by some odd device around their necks - and the TV comes on, showing Eric dead.
  • Shortly thereafter, the lights go out and a robed figure stabs Sigma.  Diana flees at his behest, finding Phi in the Healing Room.
  • They return, finding Sigma barely alive; in his delerious state, he calls her "Luna" and apologizes, saying his SHIFT connection has been cut and he won't be returning.
  • Phi tries to talk sense into Diana, convincing her to leave before the killer returns; however, Diana suspects Phi to be the killer and flees.
  • Phi gets stabbed as well.  When Diana returns, she says "it was the killer".
  • Two more X-passes are revealed, allowing Diana the chance to escape.  She inputs them and opens the door, but the killer claims her life as well, exiting in her place.
  • X-Passes Revealed: Fire, Crash, Five, Ice, Dad, Time
Path Summary: "First Come, First Served: D"
  • They awake in the decontamination room with the door welded shut.
  • They discuss the voting, with Sigma and Phi disagreeing on who Diana voted for at the start (hinting their consciousnesses come from different timelines).  Diana herself doesn't remember.
  • Sigma and Phi explain the events leading up to VLR and their coming to the shelter.
  • Zero announces that none have died so far, and gives the button problem once again.  Sigma moves to press it to protect Diana and Phi.
  • Diana chooses not to press the button.  They are all knocked out again.
Path Summary: "Outbreak"
  • Team D awakes in Manufacturing.  After solving the puzzle, they exit the room to find Gab gone.
  • Sigma and Diana talk briefly about Sigma's "past" in the future, where he created Luna (strongly implied to have been in Diana's likeness).
  • Phi comes up with a plan to escape; using the bomb from the puzzle to blast through the door.  As they go to get the bomb, Diana grabs the stun gun.
  • At this point, it is revealed that team C is dead.  Once again, Sigma and Phi disagree on how the initial vote went; Diana doesn't recall.
  • Before they can set their plan in effect, however, Zero informs them that this is a violation of the rules and that if they go through with the bomb's detonation, Team Q will die.
  • Diana rushes to stop the bomb, and the team is closed in the Decontamination room.  They find a protective suit, but only one; Sigma tells them he'll stop the bomb, no matter what, and pushes them out of the room.
  • The bomb detonates.  Sigma is alive, but loses an eye and both arms.  They continue through into Team Q's section, where Eric and Q are found dead.
  • Mira, on the other hand, lives long enough to realize what happened, and injects Phi with the vial of Radical-6 she pocketed earlier.
  • Sigma realizes at that moment that this history connects to "that future" and says they cannot leave.
  • Over Phi's protests, Diana tasers her, then takes the elevator, carrying Phi, Sigma and herself to the surface.
  • Diana makes a familiar-sounding radio call.  "I guess you could say I killed them.  No.  No, that's not quite right.  Not just them.  Not just these six.  All of them.  All six billion.  Soon, I will have killed six billion people..."
  • Sigma resigns himself to this fate.  "I suppose this was meant to be.  Let's put our hope in the next Sigma."
  • D-END 1
Path Summary: "Transporter"
  • Sigma and Diana awake; Phi is nowhere to be found.
  • Zero demands they follow orders to discover Phi's whereabouts, and explains the transporter: It's an alien device that "transports" things through space-time - not by physically moving whatever is within from one place to another, but by duplicating it in another timeline.  He instructs them to restart the machine, saying "you may obtain what you desire".
  • After restarting the Transporter, they find that Team Q is dead, as are Carlos, Junpei and Phi, and that Akane has escaped on her own.  Basically, they're now trapped in DCOM.
  • Sigma returns to the transporter, saying "we're escaping this horrible history" and that they're going to a timeline where Phi exists.  Diana agrees and they enter the pods.
  • Diana and Sigma exit the pods, with Sigma realizing that his consciousness didn't follow his duplicate into the other timeline.
Path Summary: "Door of Truth"
  • The pods open, with Sigma and Diana emerging in another timeline.
  • They search for Phi, finding a bloody room (where they all died in this timeline).  Entering another room, the door locks behind them and they are forced to solve another puzzle.
  • Completing this puzzle reveals a yellow door, locked with an 8-digit code.
Path Summary: "Fire"
  • Team D awakes in the trash disposal room, with Phi locked in the incinerator.  A 30-minute countdown begins.
  • After solving the puzzle, Sigma is locked into a chair with a gun pointed at his head.  Zero explains that there are three live rounds and three blanks in the cylinder; he has a 50% chance of death if Diana pulls the trigger.  However, if she does, the door will open and save Phi, regardless of whether Sigma lives.
(Outcome A)
  • Diana pulls the trigger and the gun fires a blank; Phi and Sigma are both safe.
  • Team Q is revealed to be dead, and Diana gets a vision of their deaths - strangled by devices around their necks.  Sigma, Phi and Diana then collapse, seemingly poisoned before this game even began.
  • Gab arrives, bearing three vials and a note from Akane, saying it's an antidote that can save them.
  • Diana trusts Akane, and they are saved from the poison as well.
  • Phi reveals a secret - that she is really a redhead.
  • Zero appears on the TV, saying that "you can look forward to a dark future ahead".  They are injected and lose consciousness.
(Outcome B)
  • Diana can't bring herself to pull the trigger.  Phi resigns herself to her fate, saying "we'll see each other again" before the incinerator starts.
  • The door opens, revealing that Phi's charm survived the incineration.
  • Diana has a flashback to earlier, where Phi talks about her past - she has two foster parents, and the charm is the only memento of a mother she never knew.
  • Sigma seems to be convinced that Carlos betrayed them, leading to team Q's deaths.  Zero states what occurred is "all thanks to Diana" before they are injected again.