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Zero Time Dilemma Part 3

The adventures of two severely fucked up people.

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Unanswered Questions

  • Is Zero really clairvoyant as he says?
  • Why is Zero "unable" to infect the group with Radical-6?
  • Who killed Mira in the "Pop Off" timeline?
  • What does the key in Mira's mouth open in the "Pop Off" timeline?
  • Who killed Team D in all of these timelines?
  • Q seems to be exceptionally strong; he is able to get out of Eric's grasp.  How can he do this?
  • Q doesn't seem to bleed.  Why is this the case?
  • What is Q's real name?
  • Who is the fourth choice on the standoff decision?
  • Who was the heart-ripper's first victim, and do they tie into Zero's story?  (It would seem not; in Zero's story, the killer was apprehended).

Real-life References/Myths

  • The Sleeping Beauty problem is a puzzle in decision theory that continues to be debated to this day.  Rather appropriate given this game's theme, as well.
  • Metempsychosis is a concept in Greek philosophy; essentially, the idea that when a person dies, their soul is transferred into another body - it never "dies" or disappears.  An idea which the Zero Escape series as a whole heavily dabbles in.
Path Summary ("First Come, First Served: Q")
  • Eric moves to press the button, but Mira stops him.  Q presses the button instead.
  • This prompts Eric to have a breakdown, crying that "he didn't do it" and "the water was so cold".
  • Regardless, the three escape the room, but decide they can't leave Gab behind.  They find him chained up in an odd lab, but are unable to free him.
  • Q inputs the six X-passes and the door opens, but Q stays behind while Eric and Mira leave.
  • He returns to Gab, saying he chose to stay because he knows nothing of the outside world.
  • X-Passes Revealed: Dream, Key, Quark, Mom, Dear, Arm
Path Summary ("Radical-6")
  • Q, Eric and Mira awake in the bio-lab.  After solving the puzzle: Zero tells them a story about a woman who died when her chest was cut open and her heart was removed while she was still alive.  A surgeon on the way to the hospital took the killer's planned getaway cab on the way to save a patient; however, the cab got into a wreck and the driver and doctor died, as did his patient who was awaiting surgery.
  • After solving the Puzzle, Zero presents them with an odd dilemma, telling them about the FBR virus which has a 100% mortality rate, and Radical-6, which has a 75% mortality rate.  However, the two will neutralize each other if infected with both.  They are then given a choice to Inject themselves with Radical-6; however, Zero claims to be a clairvoyant and says that if they do so, then they were already infected with FBR; if they don't, then they never were infected with FBR.  (Basically, they'll survive either way).
  • Q chooses against injecting Radical-6; however, Mira secretly takes a vial with her as she exits.
  • Shortly thereafter, the three of them are injected with the sedative, being told they'll awake with no memory of these events.
  • X-Passes Revealed: Fire, Crash, Five
Path Summary ("Pop Off")
  • Q and Eric awake in the "Pod Room", with Mira absent.  After solving the room puzzle, she is revealed to be contained in one of the pods - and dead.  Markings on her neck indicate she was likely strangled to death.  She has a key in her mouth, which Q takes.
  • A view of Junpei's head in the freezer, as well as Carlos killing Akane after losing a hand appear, showing that this is the same timeline as "Suspicion".
  • Eric has a breakdown, apparently flashing back to an event where his father killed his brother Chris, and Eric was forced to dump his body in a lake to cover for his crime).
  • Eric believes that Q killed Mira and strangles him; Q manages to kick him away and escape.  Fleeing to the X-door, he is cornered and held at gunpoint by Eric, who demands to know the name of Mira's killer.
  • [To Be Continued]
  • X-Passes Revealed: June, Jump, Virgin, Blue, Red, Milk
Path Summary ("Triangle")
  • Eric investigates and happens upon a hidden room, leading to some kind of study or library.  The still-burning fireplace leads them to believe that someone was here just before they arrived.
  •  The three complete the puzzle within and find a simple command on a piece of paper: "Kill one."
  • They see another event happening concurrently: Junpei's head in the freezer and Carlos' suicide, confirming this is part of the same path as "Suspicion".  Learning that only one more X-Pass is needed to open the door, they each acquire a weapon and end up in a standoff.
  • Q shoots first, hitting Eric, and Mira coldly finishes him off.  She reveals that she never understood emotions and was told that they come "from the heart", leading to her becoming the serial killer known as the Heart Ripper.  Further confirming that, she carves open Eric's chest and removes his heart, seemingly being overjoyed when doing so.
  • Returning to the lounge after doing so, Q determines the anagram in their wing's word: "Let's Inhibit the Virus" -> "The Truth is Invisible"
  • They exit the shelter into the unknown.
  • X-Passes Revealed: Fight, Jump, Poor, Blue, Red, Milk
  • Q-END 1