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Street Fighter 2 (DOS) Speedrun in 10:35

Running in Dosbox at 12000 cycles.
This version is wretched.

Watch Street Fighter II (DOS) Speedrun 10:35 from spoonshiro on

A few other notes:

  • The music in this game is ear-bleedingly bad.  I did you a favor by muting it.
  • Collision detection is utterly, horridly sporadic on all moves, making it difficult to guarantee damage.  Oh, and forget everything you know about invincibility frames, knockdowns, knockback, etc. from the other versions - it's all different here!
  • 85% of the moves are either missing or, due to horribly delayed/limited controls, impossible to perform.  I only managed to get two to work (Hundred Hand Slap and Lariat), and only because they just involve mashing Punch.  But even that isn't guaranteed - you can see many instances in the video of me mashing Punch, but the move doesn't activate!
  • Pressing the Punch key kicks if you're pressing a direction.  Pressing the Kick key releases a punch if you're in neutral.  It's great!
  • The minigames are horrendously programmed.  I got 3-4 barrels to spawn at once on the barrel minigame on one attempt, and this time the car refused to break no matter how much I hit it.  Even when it does work, though, it takes so many hits to destroy that you're almost guaranteed to never get a perfect on it.