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Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition - Some Small Mods

A few tweaks I made in NearInfinity.  To use these, just unzip the files into your installation's override directory.

The BG1EE ones were tested with Siege of Dragonspear installed.  They may work without it, but I can't be sure.

Item Tweaks for Baldur's Gate 2

A few tweaks to change items to my liking.
  • Carsomyr's magic resistance is additive, rather than a flat 50%. Probably not what the devs intended, but I like the convenience of not having to re-equip items constantly to boost it above 50%.  This applies to both the +5 and +6 versions.
  • Jester's Chain is now actually useful to the class it's seemingly intended to be used by (Bards). This makes it so that it does not disable thieving abilities or magic spells while equipped, gives the speed bonus of Boots of Speed and grants a +4 bonus against missile weapons, giving you a legitimate reason to consider getting it.
  • Aslyferund Elven Chain is also made slightly more useful. 0 AC is nice, but immunity to normal weapons really doesn't do much for you in Throne of Bhaal. So I gave it a few extra bennies: the same bonuses applied to Jester's Chain above, plus a passive +2 luck bonus.
Extract the contents of the into your base BG2EE directory.
Protection Bypass Tweak

Makes it so you can equip Amulets/Cloaks/Rings of Protection in conjunction with magic armor, making them actually useful again.

Extract this file into your Override directory.
Archer Tweaks

A simple tweak to let let Archers get grandmastery in Slings as well as Longbows, Shortbows and Crossbows.  Slings are fun; they get Strength bonuses, plus you can dual to Cleric and still keep the Grandmastery bonus.
I didn't make these, but they're good to have

Lifts all race/class restrictions, so you can make silly combinations like a Gnome Paladin or a halfling Archer or a Half-Orc Wild Mage.
This one lets you skip the opening dungeon to BG2 (because it's boring) while still getting all the good items and XP you normally would.