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Spoony Plays Illusion of Gaia, Part 1

The second in Quintet's "trilogy" of sorts, Illusion of Gaia is the tale of Will, a young boy from the town of South Cape, and his quest to save the world from a coming evil force.  Along the way he unites with several of his friends and they embark on a world-spanning adventure with some surprisingly dark and emotional moments.  Punctuated by brilliant dialog (occasionally awkward translation aside), fantastic visuals and one of the greatest 16-bit soundtracks ever composed, Illusion of Gaia is a truly unforgettable experience and one of my favorite games of all time.  Definitely in my top five for 16-bit RPGs, at least.

I will be trying to collect all 50 Red Jewels in this playthrough so I can face the optional boss, as I  haven't done that before...