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Spoony Plays the Mega Man (Game Boy) Pentalogy Bonus: Mega Man for Game Gear

A definite oddball to the Mega Man franchise, as it was only one of two Mega Man games exclusive to a Sega platform (the other being Wily Wars on the Genesis) and it was developed by Freestyle, a very obscure studio with only four games to their name.

While not directly linked to the Game Boy titles in any way besides the license, Mega Man on the Game Gear shares some traits with the Game Boy line - the game consists of mostly recycled content, and honestly isn't too bad for what it tries to accomplish - it plays reasonably well and is overall a passable adaptation of the Mega Man formula.  However, it is weakened by its stages and sprites not being adjusted for a smaller resolution (resulting in a lot of blind jumps) and lacking a major staple of the franchise in that there are no continues - if you lose all of your lives, you're starting over from your last password!

Played on an emulator for three reasons.
  1. The Game Gear has no video output.
  2. I don't own a copy of the game, or a Game Gear for that matter.
  3. Even if I did own a Game Gear that somehow had video out, I don't feel like shelling out another $80 for a mediocre Mega Man title that nobody cares about!