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Spoony Plays Ultima VII: The Black Gate, Part 2

Our journey continues to Paws and Britain, where we get a bigger glimpse of what's going on in Britannia.

Oh, and I turned up the speed a bit on DOSBox, so this part should run at a somewhat quicker pace.  Not accounting for game lag, of course.

Mysteries to solve
  • What has caused the Moongates and magic in general to malfunction?
  • Why has the Isle of Fire risen again?
  • Is the Fellowship really as corrupt as it appears?
  • Where is the Avatar's impostor, Sullivan?
  • Who sent the red Moongate to Earth?

Stuff done off-camera
  • Equipped Shamino with that spare Sword of Defense Iolo was carrying.
  • Trained Spark in Dexterity and Combat (three points each) by way of Sentri and Markus in Trinsic.  By all rights he is now my most skilled fighter with Dex and Combat stats of 25...
(More info on how training works is found here)