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Let's Play Xenogears, Part 10

Things in Nortune go from "plodding and tedious" to "kind of badly written and not very interesting."

...Did I mention I really don't like the Nortune arc because it goes on way too long and ultimately adds very little to the story?  I think I did.

Questions so far

  • What is the "Gatekeeper" that Dominia mentioned?
  • What kind of deal did Sigmund want to make with Fei?
  • Is Rico in some way related to Sigmund?  We can be sure at least that his late wife was Rico's mother.
  • Who was the pilot of that winged red Gear Elly saw?

Answered questions

  • Wiseman claims to be the one who left Fei at Lahan village.  He also claims that he knew his father, Khan Wong, and his mother, Karen, and that Khan is currently searching for Grahf.
  • The Elements are the top elite soldiers of Jugend, and serve as Ramsus' personal guard.

Various factoids and symbolism

  • Stier is German for "Bull."
  • Hecht is German for "Pike" (a type of fish).
  • Shevat is the name of a month on the Hebrew calendar.
  • Dominia's name is derived from "Dominion", an order of angels.
  • In the Bible, Goliath was a giant Philistine warrior who was defeated by David, the future king of Israel.