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Let's Play Xenogears, Part 9

The mandated sewer level.  And like most sewer levels, it's not very fun and only included in the game to waste an hour or two of our time.

Questions so far

  • Fei has undergone some sort of "awakening" three times now.  We've witnessed two of them.  When was the third time, and what exactly does the "awakening" entail?
  • They also mention a "purpose" that Fei is to fulfill.  What is it?

Answered questions

  • Emperor Cain is the ruler of Solaris and Citan is in league with him.  Both are keeping an eye on Fei.  However, Cain's "elders" seem to be working against his wishes and seem to wish to destroy Fei at all costs, even if that means leveling the entire Kislev capital...

Various factoids and symbolism

  • "Redrum" is "murder" backwards, and also likely a reference to the Stephen King story "the Shining."