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Let's Play SaGa Frontier (Red's Quest), Part 1

Let's dig in to the last quest of the game and arguably the best one besides.

A young man whose father was slain by the criminal organiation BlackX, and he's only moments away from meeting the same fate when he is suddenly rescued by a superhero named "Alkarl".  Now operating under the alias of "Alkaiser", Red launches a one-man crusade to eliminate BlackX.

Of all the quests in the game, Red's is probably the most "linear".  You have to complete quite a few events before you get any free reign.  From there it's just a matter of grinding until you're strong enough to topple all four BlackX bases, and after that it's right off to the endgame.  Red does get quite a few exclusive characters though (and is quite an ass-kicker in his own right), so no complaints here.