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Let's Play SaGa Frontier (Riki's Quest), Part 4

We make our way through Virgil's psychological torture-fest, secure the last ring and prepare to save Margmel.  But not all goes as planned...

There are a few sticking points in the last leg of this quest

  • Virgil's spike pit trap.  Note that like the ledge in Koorong's mountains, you have to RUN to leap onto the invisible ledges.  The rest is fairly simple, just follow the girl to see where the hidden paths are.  If you misstep, you get to fight some monsters.  It's tedious and very annoying, but not super hard.
  • The Magma Slimes, who do damage directly to your LP.  It really helps to have characters with evasive moves (Deflect, Swayback) here, as well as the ring of the Thief to protect Riki (who has a meager 6 LP).  They seem to have a weakness to wind-based attacks, so take them out quickly with attacks like MegaWindBlast and 2GaleSlash.
  • Virgil himself.  Virgil, being essentially a god, is immune to attack; the only way to win this fight is to "entertain" him with flashy combo attacks.  Level 3 combos earn you two points, Level 4 combos earn you three, and Level 5 earns you five.  Score ten points to win.  Also note that using the same combo repeatedly won't count, but you can break a level four or five down to a 3 or 4 combo and it will still count.  Be sure to experiment a bit beforehand so you can do this quickly - if you take too long to get to ten points, he'll unload some really nasty attacks on you.  Oh, and be sure to save BEFORE you face him - you'll immediately be whisked away to the final fight afterward and you'll have no chance to return if you're not strong enough yet.
  • Finally, there's Master Ring.  A beastie with absurdly high defense that buffs his own stats and has some nasty sonic attacks.  Not only that, he's backed up by NINE mundane monsters, who have much more HP than they normally would (as in, several thousand apiece).  Harmonium Earrings on your entire party is a must, as is buffering your party the first turn with the Fighter, Hero and Guardian rings.  Taking out the monsters first is obviously your top priority, but be sure to leave one alive, else Master Ring will unleash a nasty attack each round that hits your entire party for 250+ HP (this comes on top of the 2-3 attacks per turn he already gets).  Thankfully, his monsters don't gain any new status immunities, so you can use things like the Splash Sword (with its special instant death attack) and the Schemer and Merchant rings to turn things in your favor.  Master Ring also has comparatively low HP to make up for his high defenses.