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Let's Play the Mega Man Hendecalogy, Part 11 (Finale): Mega Man 10

Capcom proves once and for all that "Mega Man X" did in fact mean the letter X, and not the roman numeral 10. (Though the fact that they stopped using Roman numerals after Mega Man VII really should have been a clue already).

The game is a continuation of 9's "retro" aesthetic and overall difficult style, though they did acknowledge some fan complaints by including a difficulty select in the game as well as making Protoman playable without having to pay for additional downloadable content.  The DLC packs for this game also saw improvement, introducing THREE new stages (complete with "new" bosses and usable weapons) and being able to play as Bass.  Once again, I'll be playing through the new stages at the end of the video.

For those wondering, Bass plays much as he did in Mega Man & Bass.  The only difference is that he can't double-jump in this game.