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Let's Play the Mega Man Hendecalogy, Part 10: Mega Man 9

After a complete absence on sixth generation consoles, classic Mega Man returned as a downloadable title on all three platforms, though probably not in a way that people expected.  The game's aesthetic was heavily based on the earliest NES games rather than the more recent entries, and the overall difficulty was ramped up to eleven thanks to some brutal stage design and aggressive bosses.  In short, if you're looking for a challenging Mega Man game, look no further!

For better or worse, this is also the first Mega Man game to feature paid downloadable content, which is listed below.

"Special Stage" - Adds a new playable stage to Time Attack mode, complete with an original boss at the end.  I'll be showing this at the end of the video.

"Hero Mode" - A slight modification of the base game with tougher enemy layouts.

"Superhero Mode" - An even harder version of Hero mode.

"Endless Stage" - A semi-randomly generated endless level.

"Proto Man Mode" - Same as the core game, but you now play as Protoman.  Unlike Mega Man, he can slide, charge shots and block enemy bullets with his shield while jumping; the tradeoff is that he takes double damage from anything that hits him.