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Let's Play Soul Nomad and the World Eaters, Part 3

Wherein we meet the awesome anti-hero of the Nippon Ichi universe and take the plunge into random dungeoning.

Characters introduced this time (in order of appearance)

Voiced by: Grant George

A member of the bandits who wields a strange power.  He claims to be from another world, though he refuses to elaborate much on this.  Unlike his partner Shauna, he seems to have a fondness for the weak and poor.

(Fans of Phantom Brave will probably recognize him as Walnut/Faded from that game, though the fact that he wields guns is a bit strange seeing as how that game had no ranged weaponry whatsoever!)

Voiced by: Karen Strassman

Leader of a group of bandits who seems to come from a rich family and bears a grudge against the poor.  We'll learn more about her later.

"Smiling Man"
Voiced by: Jamieson Price

Revealed in one of the dream sequences, it seems that he is the driving force behind Gig's campaign to destroy Prodesto.  His exact motive for this is unknown as of yet.