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Let's Play Soul Nomad and the World Eaters, Part 4

Old acquaintances are fought and a plan is hatched to take down Feinne.

Characters introduced this time (in order of appearance)

Voiced by: Karen Strassman

Levin's sister, whose health seems to have taken a turn for the better.   Has a surprisingly good sense of humor as well.

I also unlocked a few other goodies as I was doing a bit of off-camera leveling.

A new room type, the Foreseer Foyer.  Basically, once summoned, that room can't move for two turns, but their ACT stat will get a 15-point bonus.

The Gypsy class, which can buff or debuff units.  In the front row, her attack will inflict a Hit -40% debuff on one enemy.  In the middle row, she'll buff an entire row's Attack and Hit stats by 30% for one attack.  In the back row, she'll buff a row's Intelligence by 20%.  The downside is that they have very poor compatibility with most units (although they work well with Endorph, Revya, Knights and Bareknuckles).

Bards, which are also primarily used to buff or debuff units.  In the middle row, they'll attack a single unit and possibly lower their Attack by 20%.  In the back row, they'll buff a single unit's Attack by 30% for one attack.  They also have poor compatibility with many units (even moreso than Gypsies), although Danette, Pyremages, Swordsmen and Saboteurs like them.

Finally, if you leave a room completely empty and exit/re-enter the menu screen, this guy may occasionally show up.  Kotaro will take up a single slot in an empty room (refusing to move from there), automatically assigns himself as the Leader, and will help you out for one full battle before leaving.  He's actually more useful than he sounds, since he tends to be higher-leveled than the rest of your party when he shows up.