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Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Part 6

 Back in the saddle with more Sylvando

Yes I will be doing some gambling off-camera.  If you need a decent nest egg to start (say, about 20,000 gold for 1000 casino tokens), head back to Insula Australis and farm Grublins.  They drop Bandit Blades and Steel Shields, which sell for 500 and 750 gold respectively.

Oh and while I was there I also picked up a recipe book I missed the first time:

As for which casino game to play... well, if you've played any prior Dragon Quest you know that this is very much like a real casino - it's all down to luck, albeit tilted slightly in your favor by occasional favorable RNG and the ability to savescum.  Slots are fairly consistent to win at, though it'll likely still take several hours of spinning before you get a decent payout (or a jackpot).  Just save after you win a big pile of tokens and reload if you lose too much.

Slime Slots are similar, but with an underlying minigame where you can get bonus "Slime Times" and other little events going on, winning the jackpot if you manage to light up all six lights on the side.  You can stop the slots of your own accord, but they spin so fast that landing anything consistently is a crapshoot unless you have some serious Spider-Man level reflexes.  Honestly it's better to just let it run on auto-play while you do something else (checking back every 10 minutes or so to set it going for another 100 spins) and hope for the best; it can take many hours before you succeed even on a hot machine.  The bunny girl at the bottom of the stairs on the right side will also clue you in to which machines are "hot" and have a higher chance of giving you Bonuses, so pick those ones when you can.

Poker is the most consistent one to win on, but you won't get far without betting on the double-or-nothing followup minigame and winning a few times in a row.  Again, it's mostly just down to luck of the draw.

In any case, there's only two really outstanding prizes:

Down the Rabbithole is another crafting recipe book.  We'll need it for a quest later on, so you might as well grab it now.

The Platinum Powersword is quite a beastly weapon that will last the protagonist until well into Act 2 - A whopping 65 points stronger than the Broader Sword.  It costs 100,000 coins though, so it takes some patience to get.

If you have the patience for it (or hit the jackpot) you may also want to grab a couple of Lightning Lances for Serena and Jade for 75,000 apiece, though it's by no means necessary to do so.  I got on a hot streak so I ended up grabbing two, and a Spangled Dress for Veronica.

The fortune teller lady on the far side of the casino floor (left of the red slot machines) will also tell you what game you're most likely to win in during that particular session, so be sure and check in with her.