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Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Part 5

No dumbass jokes from me this time; instead I'm just going to say rest in peace Akira Toriyama.  Absolute legend.

Once you exit Gallopolis with Sylvando in the party he'll give you the Horse Hailer, which lets you call up a horse on the world map at any time from the menu.  Handy!

I did a little bit of off-camera work.  These are both pretty well-known tricks by now, but I'll cover them anyway.  

You saw me take out some enemies by running into them on the horse; you actually get 1/3 the experience you would from a battle by doing this (no item drops, though).  The little "stonehenge" out in the desert is a good place to farm a few levels doing this, as the Prestidigitators give 21 XP a pop and respawn frequently.  Just keep in mind that you will have to fight a proper battle to actually get the level, so check your party's experience levels once in a while and once they get close (or over) the threshold to level up, stop and fight a legit battle.

Our goal in doing this is to get Sylvando to Level 18, and unlock the first available slot in the Showmanship section of his Character Builder, Fuddle Dance.

Once you've done that, go to any church or Goddess Statue and choose "Rectification", then choose to reset all the skills in the Litheness category to re-close those panels and free up all their skill points.

That should give you plenty of points to unlock Hustle Dance, which is the first (and only) full-party heal technique we will get for quite a while.

This will make the next stretch of the game considerably easier!  From there, you can assign the leftover points to whatever weapon type you wish; I went with Whips, but it's up to you.