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Commander Blood walkthrough

Commander Blood is the sequel to the trippy '80s computer game "Captain Blood".  Like that game it features a very surreal and imaginative universe to explore, now amplified with a combination of full-motion video, CGI, practical effects and quite good music.  There doesn't seem to be a proper walkthrough for the game on the internet, but being a fan of the game and having completed it for the first time recently, I figured I'd fill in the gap.  So here we go!

I'm keeping it as spoiler-free as possible to preserve the sheer weirdness of the experience.  But in general, if you can't advance:

  • Talk to everyone you can on every subject available.  Even the characters you have in cryo storage.
  • Revisit previous planets one-by-one.  Some new paths may open.
  • You may also get clues from "another player" contacting you over the phone on occasion.
  • Honk may also provide some clues if you choose "Remember", but this will require you to spend Bionium, earned by playing Scruter Jo's annoying minigame, so only use it as a last resort.
  • To play said minigame, talk to Scruter Jo in cryo storage, then agree to enter cyberspace.  Now, you want to find the ships that have a bunch of odd blue, pink or yellow triangular critters ("Bioxx") trailing them.  Run into one to catch it on the end of your finger, and then find the blue and pink manta rays floating around and attach it to their undersides; you'll know you've done it right when you hear a sound and your hand starts to change pink.  Repeat several times to top up your supply while avoiding the various obstacles, including the annoying gun-ships that make you lose your grip; thankfully there is no way to die during this segment, but it can be quite tedious and irritating.  Touch the blue cube to exit.
The Ark's UI is a 360-degree view of your ship's cockpit, with four points of interest.

 <> TV <> Orxx <> Viewport/Star Map <> Console <>

TV - Click the red orb to turn the TV on or off.  Click anywhere else to change the channel.  Channels change as the story progresses, so check it every once in a while.
Orxx - When you're stopped at a planet and go down to the surface for the first time, you can click the red orb in front of the Orxx to launch an Orxx to the surface.  Clicking on the planet from the viewport will do the same.
Console - Click the red orb to answer the phone.  The other options are pretty self-explanatory, though "Menu" isn't too useful; you want to click "Option" to save and load your game or change settings.
Viewport/Star Map - Click the red orb to bring up the star map, click a star to set your destination, then click the handle on the left side to go there.  When the map is closed, click the planet visible on the screen to go there, or visit the Ark's exterior.

First Act

  • Turn off the TV, answer the phone to get some brief tutorial on the game.
  • Click "Honk" to be introduced to your computerized assistant.
  • Click Cryobox and talk to Bob Morlock to get briefed on your mission.  
  • You'll get a call from an angry robot telling you to leave the sector.  Go to Corpo to get away.
  • Talk to Honk and Bob again about every subject you can to get further briefed.
  • Go to the surface of Corpo, talk to Izwalito.  Get coordinates to planet Magnus.
  • Go to Magnus, talk to droid.  He needs a battery.
  • Answer the phone to get coordinates to Venusia.
  • Return to Corpo, talk to Izwalito again.  He'll give you a Cred and coordinates to Moskito.
  • Go to Moskito, talk to Bronko.  He won't be much help.
  • Go to Venusia, buy a Battery (Handiwork -> Robotics -> Batteries) with your Cred.
  • Return to Magnus and use the Battery on the Robot.  Teleport Morning Oil aboard and talk to him in the Cryobox; he mentions a Treasure that Eviscerator knows the location of.
  • Go to Moskito.  Answer the phone to get part of a message - "Coded".  Talk to Bronko again - he'll be more talkative but won't help you without a Cred.
  • Travel around a bit and keep checking back with Morning Oil in the Cryobox as Honk restores him to working order.  You'll eventually get a call with the second half of the message.  "Message: Exxos."
  • Go to Pterra, talk to Scruter Jo and give him the code Exxos.  Teleport him to the Cryobox.  You can now enter Cyberspace and gather Bionium.  Gather some (3 is enough) and talk to Morning Oil again; he'll tell you about a source of income (a red herring, there's no Bionium Container in the game as far as I'm aware and it isn't necessary anyway) and be sent to repaint the Ark.
  • Go to the viewscreen, click the planet and select "Ark" to talk to Morning Oil once more.  Question him to get the coordinates to Mastachok and to learn about a Treasure (though he doesn't know where it is).  
  • Go to Mastachok. None of the code choices are right at first; try again and say "Code."  Talk to Scruter Mac about everything you can to learn Eviscerator is imprisoned here and he (Mac) wants Motoroil perfume.
  • Return to Corpo and talk to Izwalito twice, who won't be happy you've spent his Cred.
  • Go to Venusia, answer the phone and then go down to the planet.  You'll win a free cred!  Don't spend it here though; go to Moskito and buy the murffalo meat from Bronko as you originally agreed.  Deliver it to Corpo to get the TV Decoder, another Cred and coordinates to Rondo.  You'll also be invited to speak to Hom; do so.  He'll give the coordinates to Kortex.
  • Head to Rondo and speak to Yoko about the Slimers to get coordinates to Ekatomb.  He'll also tell you to talk to Maxxon, who mentions that he needs a lens for his telescope.
  • Go to Ekatomb next and speak to Gluxx.  He'll give coordinates to Erazor.
  • Erazor is the next stop, where you'll meet Otto Van Smile.  He has lenses, but wants 2000 Creds for them.  Talk to him again and he'll offer a trade instead, wanting to know the location of the Slimers (planet Ekatomb).  Agree and he'll depart to investigate. 
  • Head back to Moskito and talk to Bronko about everything you can.
  • Go back to to Erazor and he'll hand over the Lens.
  • Return to Rondo and give the lens to Maxxon.
  • Return to Bronko and talk to him twice more until he asks to join you.  Teleport him aboard.
  • Go to Venusia and buy some Motoroil Perfume with your Cred (Beauty->Perfume->Motoroil).  Head back to Mastachok and give the perfume to Mac.  He won't let you in to see Eviscerator just yet, though.
  • Talk to Bronko in the Cryobox to learn about a musician on Moskito.  Gluxx will call you and ask you to visit him.  Do so to learn his family has been abducted.
  • Return to Mastachok and talk to Mac again, who will let you in to see Eviscerator.  Talk to him to learn he wants Splatch in exchange for the treasure's location.  He'll tell you to visit his friends at Purple Haze on planet Eden and give the coordinates.
  • Off to Eden next.  You'll meet Amigo and Tina Burner, but neither has much useful to say at the moment.  Talk to them (and your crew) a few times until you get a call from Kran Dobu, who challenges you to a race.
  • Go to the Kraner IV's coordinates and he'll give you the coordinates to Troma.  Fly there and wait a bit; Kran Dobu will call again with an SOS message.  Return to the Kraner and teleport Morning Oil over to help him.  He'll thank you buy giving you his Bionic Guitar.
  • Return to Eden and give the Bionic Guitar to Tina Burner.
  • Go to Magnus to find another broken down robot (Anna-Haf).  Teleport it aboard.  Honk will begin repairs but it will take some time to finish.
  • Go to planet Kortex and speak to Hom again.  He'll push you to join the Guild of Members; you can apply on planet Cyberock by taking their Cyber Studies course.
  • Head there and take the exam; it seems to be made of random bits of trivia gleaned from various conversations, so I hope you've been paying attention to all that weird dialog so far!  Answer enough questions right to get the DORK Diploma.  Return to Kortex and Hom will give you the Brain Scrambler.
  • Go to the Moskito airport and meet Migrator, the great musician.  He wants a singer for his group; specifically, Tina Burner.  Pick her up at Eden and return here.
  • Now it's time to visit Erazor.  Once you arrive, talk to Bronko to send him on a mission to the surface.  Visit him on the planet, then head to Eden.
  • On Eden, talk to Amigo about everything you can to get some Splatch.  Go to Mastachok and hand it over to Eviscerator, who will give you the coordinates to Tumul.
  • Tumul is our next stop.  You'll meet Beauregard, who's burnt to a crisp and needs a new body.
  • Go to Mastachok to find that Croolis has escaped.
  • Return to Magnus to find a deactivated Scruter Mac.  Teleport him aboard.  You'll get a phone call from the Player saying that Maxxon has been kidnapped by Eviscerator.
  • Return to Tumul and teleport Scruter Mac's body to Beauregard.  Talk to him about everything you can to learn he's looking for the tomb of Betakam IV and needs some Splatch to uncover it.
  • Talk to Morning Oil to acquire two transmitter receiver key rings.
  • Go to planet Erazor and call Bronko on the phone.  Teleport him one of the key rings, then go down to the surface and teleport him aboard.
  • Go to Rondo and talk to Yoko to confirm that Maxxon has indeed been taken.  Teleport Morning Oil down to protect Yoko.
  • Talk to Bronko and he'll give you some Splatch.  Take it to Beauregard on Tumul and your reward is the mummy of Betakam IV.  He'll become cursed by the mummy; teleport him aboard too.
  • Rondo is our next stop.  Talk to Morning Oil to get coordinates to Vulcan.  Go there, but you won't find anything.  You'll get a call from Morning Oil, telling you to return.  Head back to Rondo and you'll meet Jerry Khan, who's after Eviscerator.  He takes Yoko aboard his ship.
  • Check the receiver in the cryobox to overhear some talk about a secret base and a secret jail.  You'll get a call from Jerry Khan, who points you to the Oddland black hole, which Otto and Eviscerator have gone into.
  • Go there, and click on the spiral (on the space map) to go through.
The Past
  • The only place available to travel to is a planet called Ron, so head there.  You'll meet Fifi.  Honk suggests using the mind scrambler on Fifi; you can if you wish, but not much comes of it.
  • Return to the Ark to get a call from Jerry Khan, who will give you coordinates to his ship.  Fly off to the Shark.  He reveals that Ron is in fact Rondo and gives the coordinates for planet Vistar.
  • Vistar is our next stop.  Bratakas is here; ask him about everything you can.  You won't get much.  Return to Ron and choose not to use the Mind Scrambler this time to get coordinates to planet Magnu.
  • Back on board the Ark Jerry will call again, saying he knows where Otto Von Smile is.
  • Go to Magnu, say "Ga" and he'll intuit that you're under a curse.  Question him (may take more than one try) to get coordinates to Crazystone.
  • Time to visit Crazystone.  The sorcerer (Super Zen) reveals that Betacam IV is still alive at this point in time and is unsure why you're cursed.  He offers to help if you steal him the portrait of the Great Yolk on planet Vista, and gives coordinates.
  • If you check the Cryobox around now you'll find Anna Haf is now repaired and offers to help you with burglary.  Convenient.
  • We're off to Planet Vista.  Ask about the painting and anything else you can to be invited inside.  Light a candle when prompted to learn the painting is currently being restored.
  • Return to the cryobox and activate Anna Haf so they can steal the painting.  Go down to the surface and talk to Anna, who will begin searching.
  • Return to the ship and call Anna on the phone.  It's going to take some time, so travel elsewhere for a bit until you get a call back.  Return to pick up Anna and acquire the painting.
  • Now we're off to Crazystone to turn in the painting and get that curse lifted.  You'll also get the coordinates to Attrox, which is where we'll head next.
  • Talk to Betakam IV here, then agree to defrost Beauregard. Use the Mind Scrambler when prompted, then teleport Betakam aboard.
  • Go to Vista, ask about Tourism, and you'll be pointed to Sat.  Head there next, talk to Betakam in the cryobox and teleport him to the surface.
  • Head to Vistar next and talk to Bratakas about everything you can.  Teleport him your decoder to get an ondoyant.  You'll also meet Hom here; give him the DORK Diploma and teleport him aboard.
  • Ron is next.  Talk to Fifi and teleport him the ondoyant.  Head back down after and you'll get a hat; Eviscerator's hat, no less.
  • Travel to Crazystone next and teleport the hat to Super Zen.  You'll get coordinates to Masta.  That's our next stop.
  • Rotator will send you to Outrageor.  Beauregard will reveal some information.  Teleport the mummy to Outrageor.  Go back down to the surface and then answer the phone call; the Croolis release Maxxon, who's on the ship Kukaracha.  Jerry Khan calls and sends Yoko over.
  • Head to Kukaracha yourself and teleport Yoko and Maxxon aboard.
  • Return to Ron; Fifi wants to go to planet Malus.  Teleport him aboard, then talk to him in the Cryobox to get the coordinates.  Go there.
  • Talk to him again once you arrive to teleport him down.  Talk to him again on the surface to get coordinates to Ondoya.  And we're off!
  • Teleport Ondoyant aboard.  Once you return to the ship, Jerry calls with coordinates to Oddland.
  • Go to Oddland and click on the spiral to return to the present once again.
Return to the Present
  • Once you're back in the present, head to Rondo.  Talk to Maxxon in the cryobox and teleport him and Yoko down to the surface.  Talk to Yoko on the surface.
  • Go to Kult to witness a mass migration, Corpo to talk to Izwalito again, Moskito to talk to Bronko, Eden to talk to Amigo,Venusia to talk to Bug Deluxe, and Ekatomb to talk to the inhabitants.  Everyone's headed to a party.  Eventually you'll get a call from Kran Dobu.
  • Return to Kortex and talk to Hom again to get coordinates to Cyberock. Go there and take the Universal Revolutionary Omniscient Ubiquity Test (UROUT) to get a diploma.
  • Go back to Kortex once again and talk to Hom to get the coordinates to the Big Bang.  Nothing there yet, though.  Talk to Bronko in the Cryobox, then talk to Bob in the Cryobox.
  • By now you should get a call from Hanna Scruta; if not you may have to visit a few more places.
  • Return to the Big Bang, where you should now meet Bug Deluxe.  Go to the Cryobox and talk to Bob again.
  • Return to the Big Bang (Tina Burner and Migrator are here).  Come back again to talk to Yoko.
  • Return to the Cryobox and talk to Ondoyant to get a Ring, then go back to the Big Bang once more.  Hand over the Ring and the game is complete.