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Ultima Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams Walkthrough

Yep, I wrote a guide to go along with my playthrough.  Mostly because all the other walkthroughs I've seen of this game are lacking steps, have things out of order, or are just plain crappy.  Hopefully this one rectifies this hole in the internet at last!

Important notes

Oxium keeps your stats from dropping owing to oxygen deprivation, and is consumed at a rate of about two stones per day. Oxygen leeches can quickly suck away a character's entire supply, though, so don't get too attached.  The stat penalty isn't huge in any case, so don't sweat it too much.

Berries will be useful in several places, so make sure you know what all the various types do.

  • Red - Nothing.
  • Purple - Grants telekinesis.  You can move and manipulate objects without being adjacent to them.  Weakens the user's Strength stat while in effect.
  • Blue - Cures radiation poisoning, but makes them intoxicated and unable to walk straight for a while.
  • Green - Grants psychometry - the ability to read psychic impressions on objects.
  • Brown - Grants clairvoyance - the ability to see through walls and in the dark.  The party cannot sleep while this effect is active.

When handling radium, make sure your character has metal tongs equipped to prevent poisoning.  One should also store them in a lead box to prevent it while walking around.

Make sure you have plenty of carrying capacity and inventory space free on the Avatar, particularly when talking to people to get plot items; otherwise the game may bug out and not actually give it to you, and you'll have to reload.

Some important coordinates

Human Settlements

Olympus - 10N 110W
Elysium - 20N 114E
Hellas - 27N 77E
Argyre - 31S 107W
Arsia Mons - 13S 129W

Bridges (usable before power restored)

10N 111W
4S 121W
25N 121E
36N 163W

Bridges (unusable)

23S 120W
41S 157W
30S 65E
13N 111W


You begin at the Capsule (27S 146E).  Talk to everyone you can about all subjects to get some important clues.  In particular, you'll need to talk to Garrett to get the prybar to open the hatch on the door.

Search the storeroom, using the prybar to open the nailed-shut crates.  Equip everyone with warm clothing (wool, preferably) and collect the following:

  •  Sextant
  •  Spyglass
  •  Pick
  •  Tongs
  •  Wrench
  •  Pliers
  •  Lantern and Oil
  •  Tinder Box
  •  Folded Tent
  •  Sledgehammer (Good weapon, and it can break open Oxium Geodes)
  •  Weapons and ammunition (be sure to give the Combine to the Avatar - your allies have a bad habit of hitting you and one another with the spread)
  •  Ammo tends to go fast so some backup melee weapons (scythes, machetes and sabers) are a good idea too.  Don't forget that characters can dual-wield one-handed weapons!
  •  Rubber Gloves
  •  Backpack & Carpet Bag give you some extra storage capacity, so take them with

Now pry open the door, answer the copy protection, and exit onto the surface of Mars.


As soon as you step out, you'll be gasping for air.  The atmosphere on Mars is very thin, and without a supply of oxygen, your stats will be significantly reduced, so best to solve that problem as quickly as possible.

But for now, your best bet is to head East, to the first capsule that was launched (30S 151W).  Whilst here, talk to Dibbs, learn all you can from him, and have him join your party.  He has about 20 units of Oxium, which prevent him from suffering the negative stat penalty; you can distribute these among the party if you wish, but we'll be getting more before long anyway.

 Search around and inside the capsule to find a couple more useful items.

* The weed sprayer and some weed killer (Handy, as most of the hostile creatures on Mars are plant-based.  Save a canister or two for later though, as we'll need it)
* An elephant gun with 50 rounds (best ranged weapon in the game, but ammo is scarce, so use it sparingly!)

Now head up northwest to the Arsia Mons trading post, home of Calamity Jane and Buffalo Bill.  Talk to them about everything you can, and accept their quest to find Cooter.  You'll get some free Oxium and purple berries out of the deal.  You can also trade oxium for bullets and other supplies here; but as it's ridiculously expensive (and unnecessary), we probably won't bother with it.

Now head east and into Noctis canyon (entrance at 20S 113W).  Find the cave at 12S 81W and enter.  Eat the purple berry to give yourself telekinesis temporarily then move the board over the gap so you can cross it.  You'll find a note from Cooter.  Search around for some oxium geodes and break them open with a ballpeen hammer (or your sledgehammer) to get some more oxium.  Take the bags too, as they give you more storage space.

Exit this cave and search around until you find another (21S 69W).  Look around and you'll find the place full of enemies, but a path is blocked off by a box and a chest.  Move those aside and you'll find Cooter.  Learn all you can from him, then ask about his map and he'll tell you where it's buried.  Go there and dig it up if you wish (17S 79W, one space left of the marker), though it's a bit pointless since we'll be going there eventually anyway.


Our next stop is Olympus (10N 110W), but we're going to take a small detour to save ourselves a little time later.  Head northeast to 8N 14W, to the place marked on Cooter's map as "Mutherlode".  Go downstairs and you'll find yourself in an underground facility, home of two mechanical men named Coker and Stoker.  Talk to them and you'll learn that this is Mars' big coal power plant, though it's currently inoperable and will need some maintenance.  Pick up the broken conveyor belt, then head west to Olympus.

You'll be stopped at the gate by Nathaniel Peters, who tells you that you'll need signatures from three known sane people to get in.  He won't accept Dibbs' signature, so you'll have to look elsewhere.  Fortunately, he gives you a good lead; the mines at Sytris Major, located at 10N 71E.  To get there relatively quickly, go north from Olympus across the bridge, then follow the canal northwest to a bridge.  Cross it, continue to follow it to another bridge, then follow it south a bit further until you find a mine.

You'll meet Yellin outside, who tells you that his companions have been trapped in a cave-in. He has a drill to get them out, but you must assemble it first.  Enter the shack to the left, move the drill onto the cart, then use a wrench on it to assemble it.  Push the drill into the mine and use it to clear the cave-in.  Talk to Sherman and Duprey (Sherman will join you if you ask), ask for both of their signatures, then explore the rest of the mine if you wish (there are a few goodies to find, but nothing essential).  Head back out and get Yellin's signature as well, then return to Olympus.  Show Nathaniel the note and he'll open the gate.


Inside, you'll have a whole bunch of new faces to meet.  Talk to them all and learn everything you can, and be sure to grab the lead box and radium in Curie's house (be sure to equip the tongs before handling it, and store it in the lead box to prevent poisoning).  Talk to Antoine Coulliard, agree to search for his brother, and talk to Tippet and have him repair the conveyor belt you found.  Now go down the stairs in the building on the west side of town to find yourself in an underground tunnel.  Here, you should grab the broken control panel; take it back to Edison and have him repair it too, then continue through the tunnel to the other side.

You'll come out in the vicinity of Olympus Mons.  Talk to Hearst, who will ask you to find his camera.  Head up the mountain to the top (take the ramp up just west of his house, follow it around to another ramp, go just a bit northeast to another, and you're there), where you'll find the camera just west of the icecap.  Return to Hearst, who will extract the photo plate and ask you to have it developed by Melies in Elysium.

Go back down to the building with the stairs, then go around to the south and follow the mountain west until you find a cavern entrance.  Go inside, follow the track north and head west at the four-way junction to find Carnegie.  He will inform you that they only need a bit more iron ore to complete a space bullet that can take you home; good thing to know.

Head deeper into the mine.  There are a lot of enemies in here, so this would be a good time to use your guns (particularly the shotgun, as it can wipe out groups of enemies in relatively short order).  Search around to find some more Radium, a martian heat ray gun (sweeeet) and Jean, who gives you his masonic symbol before expiring.

Return to Olympus and show the symbol to Coulliard, who, after a moment of mourning, will let you enter to see the destroyed dream machine.  Grab the headgear here, then exit.


Now it's time to get Mars' power back online.  Return to the power plant (east of Olympus) and use the repaired conveyor belt on the rollers to get the coal moving again.  Head east (avoiding the steam) and push a few batches of coal into the furnace (you can't simply pick it up and move it, but a shovel and wheelbarrow will work) to get the power back on.

The power has been partially restored, letting us open some doors in here that were sealed before.  Search the room to the right of the furnace to find a spool of electrical cable (take it with you) and a large supply of oxium geodes; grab more if you need it, but try to save some for later too.  Read the scrolls to find out what you have to do next; namely, repair the towers that broadcast electricity across the planet.  Head south from there, through some mines with a handful of weak enemies, and you'll soon reach another room with stairs leading up.  Read the scroll and grab the pliers here too, if for some reason you don't already have a pair.

Now head upstairs, and you'll find yourself at Mars' central power hub, which has fallen into disrepair over the years.  Have the Avatar equip the rubber gloves, hand them the wire spool and the pliers, and then use the pliers on the wire and then use that on one of the wires.  You'll see a small cutscene and the power grid will be brought back online.

Now that power has been restored to Mars, we have access to some formerly-sealed areas, we can use the drawbridges again, and we now have the ability to fast-travel between the four major towns via the pneumatic tube system.  Each of the four tubes will take you to a particular place, laid out like so:

() Elysium () Olympus

() Hellas  () Argyre

We're going to head to Hellas for now, so hop in the lower-left tube.


Hellas is mostly abandoned, though one human remains here - Marcus Chaney, the only one to use the dream machine and retain his sanity.  Talk to him to learn more about that, as well as an important clue - if you talk to yourself in the dream world, you'll wake up.  He also tells you that the dream machine here is inoperable, but you may be able to repair it - use the berries to learn how from the machine itself.  Grab the microscope from Marcus's house before you go too; you'll need it later.

Now head to the southwest side of town and flip the switch there to extend the bridge across to the "Island".  Head north to the building with the dream machine, then use a green berry.  "Talk" to the machine to get some clues about what needs to be done.

First, use a block (not a chip) of radium on the small slot on the back of the machine to restore power.  Then use the headgear on the machine to restore its interface.  Finally, use the repaired control panel on the machine at the top, then use the wrench to fasten it in place.  Have the avatar sit in the dream machine's chair, then have another character use the panel to be projected into the Dream World.


You'll start with nothing in your inventory (fear not; your stuff in the real world is unaffected) see five pillars here, each representing a person (or people) that have been trapped inside.  The lower-rightmost one is the most interesting, but we'll need to do them all eventually, so let's start with the top left one.

(And remember that if you get stuck at any point, you can talk to yourself to exit the dream world and try again)

Here you'll walk across a road with moving trees that will bar your path.  Make your way through to the end and you'll come to a seed, as well as this dream's inhabitant (George Washington Carver).  He'll tell you to protect the seed from the worms, and that you can use the plants provided to protect the seed.  To do that, bury them in the dirt outside the circle and use the bucket of water to grow them into larger plants that will repel the worms.  After doing this a few times (and a short bit of waiting) the martian plant will sprout.  Use the ritual pod knife on the pod and you'll free Carver.

The lower-left pillar leads along a path depicting the rich and the poor, and at the end, one Vladimir Lenin.  He'll ask you to gather up all the rubles present and redistribute them evenly among the 25 people in his "village".  Gather them all up (the total comes out to 253) and you'll find a gem underneath one of them; take that too.  Drop them on the ground in stacks of 10, then talk to Lenin and agree to relinquish the remaining 3 rubles and the gem to him.  That's it for Lenin.

Next, let's visit the pillar on the upper right.  You'll end up in a bizarre maze of geometric shapes, walls and "dreamstuff", which you can use to transform into various items (including weapons - you should be able to grab a revolver and an elephant gun and a handful of ammo for each).  Your movement controls will also periodically rotate as you move around, which can be quite awkward; moreso as you're trying to find hidden paths to get as much of the dreamstuff as possible.  At the very end, your controls will revert to normal and you'll see some footsteps go up a wall; walk up the wall to the right of it and you'll find H.G. Wells.  He'll warn you about invisible monsters, and sure enough, you'll quickly come under attack by them.  These can be tricky to deal with (not aided by the limited ammunition you're given), but I find the best way to deal with them is to run to one corner of the room, shoot at the footsteps as they follow you, then repeat once they get a hit or two on you.  This may take a few tries, but it can be done.  Then talk to Wells again and you're free.

The lower right pillar is our next stop, and it starts off bizarrely, with you being attacked by your mother and then plummeting off a cliff onto a bed of spikes into something resembling a living room.  Read the book (it's a big clue toward what you're supposed to do) and grab the red throw rug off the floor.  Follow the path to find Louis Tiffany, as well as a bull (well, minotaur) destroying his china shop.  Equip the rug, attack the minotaur a few times to draw it toward you, then lead it to the north side of the room.  Flip the switch, enter and wait for the minotaur to follow.  Drop the rug inside, run out and hit the switch again to trap it.  That's it for him.

None of the four have much of use to say, so let's head to the last pillar on the far right.  This one leads to a remarkable facsimile of "the island" we entered through, but with several Martians about to converse with.  Talk to all of them to hear what they have to say, but especially to Prektesh and Xaktsesh.  They'll want you to grow new bodies for the Martians so they can leave the machine.

Once you've learned all you can here, exit the Dream World.  Go back into Hellas and pick up a few things.

  • Bucket
  • Nitrate
  • Phosphorous
  • Potash
  • A living Martian Seed (use Lamp Oil on the rusted gate to open it and retrieve one)
  • A ritual pod knife

Now go back to the pneumatic travel system and enter the top-left tunnel to go to Elysium.


Here we'll have conversations with several more people; the "crazy ones" the Olympians mentioned earlier.  Learn all you can from them again, including the fact that they have another functional Dream Machine (but will not let you use it).  We'll have to find a way to convince them, but that'll come later.

For now, head out of town and walk due north until you reach the icecaps.  Use the pick on a portion of one to chip off some ice (and yes, it must be a pick - not a shovel, hammer and chisel or anything else).  Store the ice in your bucket and head back, where it will melt into water after only a short while.  Now, go to the greenhouse in Elysium, and use the shovel to dig into the soil.  Plant the martian seed, cover it with dirt, use the nitrate, phosphorous and potash on the mound, then pour water on it.

We now have to wait nine in-game days for the thing to sprout, checking on the seed every three days or so so as not to stunt its growth.  You can go exploring and fight enemies and stuff if you wish, but I preferred to just set up the tent in town and sleep for three days at a time, checking the seed, then going back to it.  Once the pod finally grows, split it open with a ritual pod knife and get the martian body inside.

Now return to Hellas, enter the dream world again, and tell Prektesh you have a body he can inhabit.  Exit the dream world, put the body in the machine, then activate it again.  Prektesh will inhabit the body, but he will learn too late that while the plague that killed the Martians has disappeared from the air, it's still strong in the soil.  Before he expires, he'll tell you to talk to Xaktsesh, and to take his body to Tekapesh in Elysium.  Re-enter the dream machine to talk to Xaktsesh about what happened; she'll suggest you find the laboratory of Kaxishek, which was located near the North Pole.

We can't do that just yet, unfortunately, so head back to Elysium and show Tekapesh the body of Prektesh.  Now talk to him about "rebuilding", "pods" and "better", and tell him you may have a better solution to his quandary; he'll agree to let you use Elysium's dream machine.  Go over to the formerly-locked building on the east end of town, and use the Dream Machine.


Within the Dream Machine, you'll find four more pillars.  The top left pillar takes you to Wyatt Earp's dream, where you'll immediately come under attack by Proto-Martians.  Use the Dreamstuff in your inventory to create a Saber and dispatch them.  You'll then collapse and wake up to find all of your comrades killed.  Search their bodies for some money; take it and exit the room.  Follow the path to find an odd sight - Ike Clanton, three horses, and an auctioneer.  Talk to all of them; the brown one is Smith, a recurring character in the series, the black one doesn't have much to say, but the grey one calls himself "Marshall" and says he's sworn to protect people.  Hm...

Talk to the auctioneer and bid on the gray horse.  Ike will challenge you, but keep outbidding him until you win and you'll free Earp from his nightmare.

The upper-right pillar will take you to Mark Twain's dream.  He'll be on a martian barge, give you a cap, and ask you to gather up his pages (25 in total) from the surrounding area, but to watch out for "shoals".  There are no shoals, but there are invisible barriers that will impede your movement along the way, which is quite annoying.  You can find the occasional bit of Dreamstuff along the way, though, which will occasionally turn into brown berries that let you see where these are.  Other than that, there's not much to say - just maneuver your way through, gather up 25 pages, talk to Twain, then stick them in the mailbox at the end.  That's that.

(Incidentally, this is a good primer for how to steer the barges - just flip the lever and it will continue in that direction until it hits something.  If you want to bring it to a stop, hit Space when prompted for a direction to move the lever to a neutral position.)

The lower-left pillar takes you to Georges Meiles' dream.  Talk to him and he'll tell you that the walls close in each time you move.  In practice, this means every time you step on a gray tile.  Move to the north end of the room, stepping on the blue tiles whenever possible, to get the oil, then use them on the door next to Meiles and you'll free him.

The lower-right pillar takes you to Percival Lowell's dream - abstract representations of all the planets in our solar system.  You're seemingly trapped on Mercury, but thankfully you do have telekinesis here by default.  Use it to grab the winged sandals, then move south and west to find Cupid's Bow and Arrows (because... Venus).  Take it and the mirror next to it.  Next up is Earth, which has a map of the solar system, then Mars, where a metal woman will talk to you, saying that you will "Make her real".  Odd...

Continue past Jupiter, complete with the giant red storm, through Saturn, and finally to Uranus, where you'll at last meet Lowell.  He'll ask you to help him find the ninth planet, Pluto (well, it was classified as a planet at the time of this game's creation, at least).  Just west of him you'll find Neptune with a giant canal worm (more foreshadowing!).  Charm it with the bow, then kill it with another weapon if you wish.

From here, Pluto is quite a walk southwest through a maze of invisible walls.  Frustrating, but keep at it and you'll get there eventually.  Once you're there, use the mirror to signal him and that's it for Lowell's dream.

Return to Tekapesh and tell him you've freed everyone from their nightmares; he'll agree to swap bodies back, at least temporarily, and all of the Earthlings will be back in reality.

The first thing to do is talk to Melies to develop the photograph plate, then return to Olympus and talk to Hearst; he'll honor his end of the deal and give you an azurite gem.


Our next priority is to enter Kaxishek's laboratory.  The laboratory is at 24N by 112E, but it's buried beneath a sheet of ice.  To get in, we'll have to reactivate the three towers at the north pole to melt the ice enough to open the entrance.  Why you can't just dig your way in I don't know, but whatever.  We'll have to make stops at three towers.

55N 101E - This one is mostly intact, but has a broken tracking motor.  Take it with you for now.

55N 125W - The lens on this one is broken.  Grab the fragments of it and take them with you.

59N 23W - This one is intact, but covered in weeds that prevent it from operating properly.  Use a sprayer gun (loaded with weed killer) to blast them off the lens and the base of the tower.

Now return to Olympus.  Talk to Edison to have him repair the motor, then talk to Tiffany in Elysium to have him repair the lens.  Return to the two towers and install both, then go back to the tower at 59N 23W, check the time on your watch, and input it into the console in military time (so if it was 3:35, you'd input 1535).  That will align all the lenses and get it to melt the ice.  The canals are still dry, though; Sherman will tell you that you have to activate the pumping station to refill them.

We can't do that just yet, though, so let's move on for now.  Go to the lab and enter.  Talk to the active machine named Cutter, and have him cut your Azurite gem into a Heartstone.  Examine the metal woman on the table in the other room, use the heartstone on her, then pick her up.  (She is very heavy and will require a lot of carrying capacity free on one of your characters).

Now return to Hellas, enter the Dream machine and talk to Chsheket; tell her you've found her a suitable body.  Now exit the dream, put the body in the dream machine's chain, and activate the console.  Chsheket will inhabit the metal body and join your party; at this point, Sherman will depart and leave behind everything he was still carrying, so equip her with his leftover weapons and gear.  Chsheket is quite powerful despite only being Level 1, and is immune to cold and oxygen deprivation.  The downside is that she can't be healed by Dr. Blood, though he'll refer you to someone who can (namely Tesla).  Chshket also expresses concern about her body being off-putting to earthlings, though you're pointed to Sarah Bernhardt as a possible solution for this problem.

Being made of metal also makes her immune to otherwise-lethal hot steam, so we can now brave that and fix the pumping station.  Go back to Olympus and talk to Bernhardt first; she'll tell you that she could make a skin-pigment dye with a certain type of berry, but that they unfortunately are only found in Argyre (which is still closed off).  Now exit the town, follow the western canal south, go across the bridge, then continue following it north, west and north again until you come to the pumping station.  Have Chsheket walk through the steam and use the valve to fill the canals with water.  This is also where we'll come to complete Chsheket's disguise later on, but that'll have to wait.


Now that the canals are refilled, we can get around much more efficiently.  Return to Hellas and go to the building just south of the dream machine to find the mother of all barges, sporting six cannons and a rail track. Very nice, but it's also quite wide and enemies can board it from the shore, so be careful of that.

Retract the bridge and head north, north past the next junction, then west at the next one.  Continue along until you see a track on the north shore.  Stop the barge so that its track lines up perfectly with that one, then exit.

We're back at the iron mine where we met Duprey, Yellin and Sherman.  And now that we have a (relatively) convenient way to move ore, it's time to do some mining.  Push the cart on the center track into the mine, and when you come to the junction, use the wrench on the switch to fix it.  Now push the cart onto the junction and use the switch to turn it right.  Push it down to the iron ore veins toward the end, then go get the drill we used earlier to free Duprey and Sherman.  Use the drill on the vein to get some ore, then use a shovel on the ore to move it to the cart.  Repeat this until the cart is full (seven loads), then push it back out of the mine and onto the barge.

Now sail east and north, east at the next junction, and follow the path to a north-south junction (right next to the pumping station).  Go south from here, then follow the path east until you come to another track.  Again, line it up perfectly with the one on the barge and exit.  Now push the cart into the mine, fix the broken junction again with your wrench, and move the cart west to Carnegie's hideout.  He'll tell that you that all he now requires to get everyone off of mars is the phlogistonite from the original space bullet.

Thankfully, it's also convenient to access it from here.  Move the barge one space south, then head south-by-southwest to find it.  Examine the broken strap here to find that the phologistonite has been stolen.  Spector will suggest that you look for a clue to the culprit's identity.  Take the broken strap with you, then return and talk to Carnegie, who will point you to Roosevelt.

Head back to Olympus (just a short trek northeast by barge).  Talk to Roosevelt here and show him the strap.  He'll examine it via the microscope (you did bring Marcus's microscope... right?) and determine that Rasputin is the thief.  He'll also point you to Ms. Bernhardt; don't forget to talk to her if you haven't already.

Before you go, though, talk to Peary about the gates of Argyre; he says that lead cannonballs can't penetrate them, but that steel might do the trick  He urges you to talk to Carnegie to get some made.  So head back and do that (make sure the Avatar has a lot of free inventory space first, and enough weight capacity to carry them).


All roads end at Argyre, so that's our next stop.  Continue north, then east at the next junction, south at the next one.  Go east at the next one to find a small barge with a single cannon.  The mega-barge is too wide to fit in the docks at Argyre, so we'll need to use this one.  Move it over to the shore, get back on the big barge, move it out of the way (slightly north of the junction is fine) and then get back on the small barge and head south.  Once you reach Argyre's docks, pull up to the center one, which directly faces the east gate.  Use the steel cannonballs on the cannon and fire twice to knock down the doors, and at last enter Argyre.

You can talk to Miles and the others here if you wish, but you won't gain too much from it.  The only ones of note here Emma Goldman, a real-life anarchist who frequently clashed with the law, and Rasputin himself, who tells us he has moved the phlogistonite into the Dream World and that any attempt to remove it will result in the planet's destruction.  He's also disabled the dream machine here to stop anyone but himself from using it.

There isn't much else we can do for now, so just grab some of those rouge berries from one of the trees here and return to Bernhardt in olympus to get the dye made.  Now return to the pumping station, use the rubber and dye on the machine, then have Chsheket stand in the device and activate it to complete her humanoid disguise.  Wouldn't you know it, she's the woman from the intro who appeared alongside Spector.  Predestination paradox ahoy.

In any case, return to Olympus and talk to Segal, who will agree to cooperate with your plan and create similar artificial bodies for the other Martians still in the Dream world.  Now head back to Argyre, where you'll find everyone dead save Rasputin and Goldman.  Talk to both of them to learn that Raxachk has entered the dream world, killing the others to ensure that he doesn't interfere with his plans.


It's time for our final showdown.  Have the Avatar enter Argyre's dream machine, and you'll face a familiar thread - Faulinei, one of the Shadowlords from Ultima V!  He will tell you that they are here to test you.  Agree to take on their tests, and enter the first pillar.

The test of Truth is the old "fork in the road" riddle; one of the Spectors is real and the other is fake, and you must determine which.  They won't say much to help you, but there is a useful object in the room.  Look in the mirror to see that it shows your reflection.  Push it over to one of the Spectors and look in it again to see that he's a disguised Martian.  Call the fake a "liar" to open the door, and enter it to pass the test.

The test of Love is pretty simple.  Collect the dreamstuff and use it to reveal a healing potion, then come to the end of the path to find a martian.  He's been wounded by your comrades and swears vengeance upon them.  Use the potion on him.

The test of Courage is easy too.  Your friends are in danger to the north, so rush in to help them; you'll take damage, but the enemies attacks can't actually harm you.  Use the dreamstuff to get a saber, attack the monster with it, and you're done.

(This would be a very good time to save, incidentally)

At last you'll come face-to-face with Raxachk, who will reveal his plans to you.  Unfortuantely he's in an impenetrable citadel, so you'll just have to play along with his games for now.  Agree to fight battles for his entertainment, and you'll be kicked to another area full of jumping beans.  Use the dreamstuff to get a weapon and dispatch them all.

The second battle is similar, but you're fighting ammonoids this time.  Gather up the dreamstuff again and you should find some elephant gun bullets.  Discard anything you don't need (but beware of the devil seeds; dropping them will spawn another enemy) and dispatch all the ammonoids.  The best way to do that is to bottleneck them in the upper-left so only one of them can attack you at a time.

The last battle is a pain, but it can be done with some persistence.  Creep around the white border at the edge of the platform and grab the dreamstuff near the upper-right; you should get an elephant gun.  Now step in to get the boss (and its many, many tentacles) to spawn, retreat to the corner of the white border, and fire at the maw until the boss dies.  If you die against this thing the boss may not respawn when you come back, so it's probably better to just reload and try again.

Once it's dead, Raxachk will arrogantly gloat at you, talking about the origins of Dreamstuff and how he's far superior to you and all that.  But he does give you an important clue - nothing humanity can conceptualize for 100 years has a chance of harming him.  Hm...

Enter the three tests again to grab the dreamstuff; you should be able to shape some of it into berries.  Use a brown berry to see through the wall south of Raxachk, and a Purple berry to flip the switch inside the wall.  Use the dreamstuff horde in here to get a handful of it, then use it to create an M60 Machine Gun (unknown on Earth for at least another 100 years!).  Then walk up to the glass dome around Rasputin, shoot through it and hit him to end his mad ambitions.

The Avatar will automatically transport the phlogistonite through the dream machine, then return themself.  Now back in reality, you find Raxachk's threat was true, and that the planet is destabilizing.  Grab up the three barrels and return to the mine at Olympus Mons, where you'll find everyone waiting.  Give Carnegie the phlogistonite and you'll escape the doomed planet and save the remaining Martians.

Congrats, you've beaten Martian Dreams!