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Suikoden Part 4

Rare Drop Farming Is Mandatory!

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Stars of Destiny

Tenan Star - Flik

Simply put, Flik is a beast.  He's a very well-rounded character with solid equipment choices, great fighting stats and even some surprisingly strong magical ability.  Give the man a Thunder rune and keep him on the front lines; he can handle anything you throw at him.
Rating: *****

Chikou Star - Chandler

A travelling merchant who sets up an item shop in your castle.  Handy, but he's not a fighter by any stretch.  He can bribe enemy troops during war battles, though, which can be useful at times.
Rating: N/A

Chisyu Star - Hellion

Another mage-type character, and befitting that, she has low physical stats across the board.  She does have at least decent Speed and high Magic, but the fact that she is limited to her non-removable Mother Earth Rune hampers her usefulness (particularly as its "best" spell is bugged and actually does nothing).  Okay for the mid-stages, but she'll become obsolete once you start getting better options.
Rating: **

Chiyu Star - Chapman

Chapman is your castle's armorer, and will stock anything you've seen in another shop anywhere in the world.  Quite a useful thing, but he never joins in the fighting himself.  Can occasionally bribe enemy units during war battles as well.
Rating: N/A

Chiketsu Star - Jeane

The ever-present, ever-mysterious Runemistress makes her first appearance.  She allows you to attach and remove runes in the convenience of your own home, but unlike the other Suikoden games, she will not join you on the battlefield.
Rating: N/A

Chiin Star - Mina

Another magey-type, though she's a bit more well-rounded than most.  Her attack power remains relatively low, but the rest of her stats are pretty well balanced, and the fact that she can swap runes gives her some versatility.  Not the best of her kind, but worth consideration around the middle of the game.
Rating: ***

Chisei Star - Jabba

Your local appraiser, used to identify all those odd vases and paintings enemies sometimes drop.  Somewhat useful at home, but no use in battle whatsoever.
Rating: N/A

Chiku Star - Lotte

Yet another mage character, and again, she's pretty good.  Physically she's surprisingly decent (having relatively passable HP, Attack and Defense), and while her magic isn't the best, she can at least hold her own on both fronts.  Not a bad choice for the midgame.
Rating: ***

Tenken Star - Anji

One of the three pirates, and a pretty strong fighter to boot - solid HP, Attack, Speed and Skill, though only passable defense.  Not as good as Flik or Viktor, but a worthy front-liner in his own right.
Rating: ***

Tenpai Star - Leonardo

Basically a poor man's Anji; he has better defense but is substantially worse in every other respect.  Not much reason to use him other than to see the trio's Unite attack at least once.
Rating: **

Tenzai Star - Kanak

Better Speed, Skill and Defense than Anji, but a step down everywhere else.  Another character you probably won't use much.
Rating: **

Chiman Star - Gen

A short-ranged fighter with average stats across the board, and that's about all there is to say.
Rating: **

Chiri Star - Kamandol

He's a plot-important character, but he's really not worth his salt on the battlefield - his stats are all generally mediocre and he wields the weakest of weapon types (staves), making him someone you probably won't want to bother with.
Rating: *

Chikou Star - Kimberley

Another plot character with average-to-mediocre stats and little to distinguish them.  Meh.
Rating: *

Chibun Star - Tesla

He helps you forge documents to get into Soniere Prison, but doesn't fight.
Rating: N/A

Chikai Star - Esmeralda

She requires you to farm an Opal from enemies in Soniere to get her, and then she doesn't even help you fight.  The nerve.
Rating: N/A

Chirei Star - Liukan

He carries a staff, suggesting he's a mage-type, but he doesn't really have the stats to support that, nor does he work especially well as a fighter due to his low stats in that department.  Just another plot-relevant dude with no real place on the battlefield.
Rating: *

Tenkyu Star - Milich

While you probably don't like him much (and your allies don't either), Milich does live up to his boasting by actually being pretty good in a fight.  Decent physical stats with some surprisingly solid spellcasting power and high MP make him a well-balanced character overall.
Rating: ***

Total: 60/108