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Virtue's Last Reward Part 6

Yellow door time.

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Unanswered Questions

  • Clover took part in two prior Nonary games, but why is she in the third one?  From what she knows, this Zero isn't likely to be one of the perpetrators behind the original Nonary game or the second...
  • How much does Alice know about Radical-6?
  • Who is the man in the recording, and the the people on Mars?
  • Who is the woman on the recording, and who are the six dead test subjects the woman mentioned?
  • Who is Tenmyouji, and what was his exact involvement in the Mars launch simulation?
  • Why was Radical-6 at the simulated launch site?
  • What is the picture Tenmyouji was carrying?
  • Who killed Alice in this timeline, and what was their motive?
The Theme of Nines
  • There were nine men and women in the simulated Mars launch.

Path Summary (Yellow Door -> Ally -> Blue Door -> Ally)

  • Sigma and Phi enter the yellow door with Tenmyouji
  • Sigma and Phi vote "Ally" and Tenmyouji votes "Betray", leaving Sigma and Phi at 1 BP.
  • Quark becomes infected with Radical-6 and attempts suicide, but is stopped by the others.
  • Sigma, Tenmyouji and Alice enter the PEC and find a blue memory card in the safe.
  • Quark is cured of Radical-6 through a vial of Axelavir found in the laboratory.
  • Examining the blue card reveals an audio file from 2028, hinting at the origins of the Radical-6 pandemic.  Tenmyouji reveals that he was part of a simulated mission to Mars, where the outbreak apparently began.  A woman on the recording was apparently responsible for this, as well as the deaths of six other test subjects.
  • Temyouji states that this event was the beginning of an outbreak that killed six billion people; two billion from the initial infection, then four billion more through the devastation that ensued.  This also proves that the current date is likely far beyond 2028...
  • Sigma votes Ally in round two, and so does Tenmyouji, leaving Sigma with 3 points and Tenmyouji and Clover with 8.
  • Tenmyouji is seen viewing a photo of some sort, but we don't get any description of what it is.
  • Alice is found dead in the crew quarters, stabbed with a scalpel.
  • Clover demands proof that Alice wasn't murdered.
  • To Be Continued [LOCK #2]...