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Virtue's Last Reward Part 11

Green Door and more Locks.

Unanswered Questions
  • What is written in the diary we found in the archives?
  • What made K trust in Phi?  He was eager to Betray Sigma in the other timeline...
  • When did Sigma get his mechanical arms?
The theme of nines
  • All of the passwords we've been given, as well as the credentials for the Director's computer and on the old woman's ID card, have nine digits.
Real life references/myths
Path Summary (Cyan -> Betray -> Green)
  • Sigma goes through the Green door with Luna and Clover, and they end up in the Archives
  • They discover a library in a box, written in Latin, but are unable to decipher it.
  • Quark falls ill to Radical-6 and attempts suicide, but is stopped by the group.
  • Alice shows signs of infection as well and flees.  Sigma goes in pursuit, but doesn't manage to locate her.  He returns to the infirmary, but on the way passes through the Crew Quarters where he finds Alice deceased, apparently a suicide.
Beyond Lock #6
  • Sigma immediately goes to the Crew Quarters and locates Alice, stopping her suicide attempt but taking a cut from the scalpel in the process.
  • They return to the infirmary and go over their voting options - Sigma, K and Dio all have a chance to get 9 BP in the next round.
  • He and Luna go to the voting booth, where Luna points out a strange white substance leaking from his hand.  Sigma has no answer for what it may be.
  • Sigma votes to Ally, putting himself at 8 BP and Luna at 7.  Surprisingly, everyone else chose to Ally as well.
  • Alice remains behind to talk with Sigma.  They go to the garden, where Luna brings up a story about The Blue Bird.  
  • She asks where Sigma found Alice during his search; she seems to suspect something is up as he never mentions having gone to the garden.  She hints that Sigma may be a robot...
  • Phi shows up, pointing out the #1 Bomb planted in the garden.
  • The three of them return to the infirmary.  Phi plans to search everyone present for an input device, hoping to uncover the culprit as well.
  • Sigma states that he knows who the culprit is...
Beyond Lock #7
  • Sigma quickly points to Dio, saying that he knows about the Myrmidons, Free the Soul and Brother.  Dio answers and quickly incriminates himself.
  • Caught, Dio reveals that he is Left and that he was sent her to stop Zero's plans.  Sigma makes a move toward him, but Dio pulls out the detonator for the bombs.
  • The rest of the group backs off, but Tenmyouji calls Dio's bluff, causing him to hesitate.  Tenmyouji kicks the detonator from his hand, which activates the timer on the bombs.
  • Dio, in his arrogance, reveals the Bomb #2 code: EQD-DYR-NTK.  He then moves to take his suicide pill, but Sigma stops him.
  • Phi tells Luna to drug Dio with Soporil, which she does despite Sigma's protests.
  • With only twenty minutes to spare, they split up and search for the bombs and an input device to disarm them.
  • Sigma returns to the infirmary and speaks with Luna.  Luna scans him with the ADAM, revealing that he is not a robot; he just has mechanical arms.  Sigma is confused by this, as he has no recollection of getting prosthetic arms.
  • With only a minute left on the clock, Luna says that she was given specific instructions to tell Sigma something.  "Should you encounter a two-headed lion devouring the sun, remember: GTF-DM-L-016.  With this key, the first gate shall be open to you."
  • Time runs out shortly thereafter, and the bombs detonate...
Beyond Lock #3
  • Sigma realizes that his arms are artificial, and he quickly devises a way to save himself.
  • He taunts Dio, telling him to open the number nine door.  Dio opens the door, and despite some hesitation, K decides to go with him at Sigma's request.
  • Sigma makes a move toward Dio as soon as the door opens, grabbing his legs.  He still manages to crawl through, and Sigma's left arm is severed by the closing door.
  • Sigma awakes in the infirmary, where Alice reveals that K attacked her in a bid to get 9 BP.
  • It is revealed that Quark has recovered due to Sigma's actions, and the text in the diary was deciphered, revealing that the world outside has been exposed to Radical-6.  However, there are two discrepancies: Quark's infection, and the timing of the outbreak compared to the group's abductions (namely that the abductions happened first).  Zero's motives in the game also remain unknown - if they were here to be saved, why put them in a life-or-death game?
  • Theories are passed around, but no definitive answers are found.  Quark's suggestion that the old woman is Zero Sr., however, prompts them to search her one more time.
  • Phi locates an ID card with the name "Kurashiki" on it.  On the back is a password: JUMPYDOLL.
  • Shortly thereafter, Alice falls victim to Radical-6 and commits suicide.  The screen fades out as Clover screams...