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Virtue's Last Reward Part 10

Lock #5 and beyond the Red door.

Unanswered Questions
  • Why did Alice pick "Ally" in this timeline and "Betray" in the other?
  • How does Phi know we picked "Betray" in the bad ending timeline, but seemingly not the choices we made in any other timelines?
Real life references/myths
  • The game's statements about CERN and their research into antimatter are true.
Beyond Lock #5
  • Sigma has recollection of a long string of numbers from Dio's computer: 78153 61098 83809 42419 90551.
  • Alice determines that sequence of numbers is 198449351^3 using prime factor decomposition.
  • Matching this with the sequence of letters on the memory card uncovers a code: COMPLETED COMPLETED COMPLETED.
  • Sigma gets a flood of memories from the other timelines, revealing the one who set the bombs was, in fact, Dio.  He is also the leader of the Myrmidons.
  • Clover appears, telling them to follow her to the Floor B warehouse, where a fight has broken out between Phi, Dio and Tenmyouji.  Sigma defuses the situation by revealing that he knows who planted the bombs, and says whoever it was will soon confess.
  • Using his knowledge of Free the Soul from other timelines, he bluffs Dio into admitting his affiliation with the Myrmidons.
  • Alice makes a move toward Dio, but he pulls out the detonator for the bombs.  He gloats, revealing that there are four bombs in total.
  • Alice and Clover manage to subdue Dio and get the detonator away from him, tossing it to Sigma.  However, that proves to be another of his traps - once the detonator is removed from Dio's proximity, the timers on the bombs are set for thirty minutes.
  • Clover searches Dio for the device, but only finds a pill; Dio grabs it from her and swallows it, dying in seconds.  In his dying moments, however, he reveals the deactivation code for Bomb #3: LXQ-LHC-NMR.
  • The group doesn't know the locations of the #1 and #0 bombs, the location of the input device or the passwords, so they unfortunately run out of time and the bombs detonate...
Path Summary (Cyan -> Betray -> Red -> Ally)
  • Sigma votes to betray Alice.  Strangely she chooses to Ally in this timeline, leaving her at 1 BP.  (Sigma is aware of this as well...).
  • The group discovers the #3 bomb, determining its capabilities.
  • At the next door choice, Sigma goes through the Red door with Luna and Phi and they end up in the Control Room.
  • The room's safe contains an input device.
  • Quark once again falls prey to Radical-6 and attempts suicide, but is stopped by the rest of the group.  Alice becomes infected as well and flees.  Sigma tracks her to the B. Garden, where Phi has already found her.
  • Phi has located the #1 bomb: It's in the B. Garden.
  • They return to the infirmary with Alice, and run down their options for voting.  Tenmyouji attacks Dio, securing Clover's vote of "Ally" since he won't be able to pick "Betray".
  • Sigma and Luna choose to Ally with Phi.  However, Phi chooses to betray, putting herself at 9 points.  She attributes this to Sigma picking Betray in "the first round 2".
  • Phi leaps over the group (showing her superhuman leaping abilities again) and moves to open the door.  Sigma tries to think of a way to stop her...