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Operation Eco-Nightmare Part 1

Team Xtreme is back for more cheesy adventures and absurd illogical puzzles.

Those so inclined can download the game for free from

And as a bonus, here's a small deconstruction from me after the fact:

[21:28:41] <spoonshiro> my mission is to stop killdozer
[21:28:45] <spoonshiro> using butterflies and dirt somehow
[21:30:23] <spoonshiro> and i'm completely stumped in this task so i'm looking at a playthrough on youtube
[21:34:40] <spoonshiro> favorite puzzle so far: supergluing a door to a damaged ship hull to stop an oil spill
[21:35:19] <spoonshiro> which lets you save a friendly otter who gives you a seashell to pry open an oil barrel
[21:35:41] <spoonshiro> i'd say this is roberta williams levels of logic but even she'd have to take some peyote to come up with something that insane