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999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, Part 3

Door 7 up to Door 2.

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The theme of nines
  • John the Mannequin's weight is 51.3kg.  Adding the digits gets 9.
  • Ethanol has 9 atoms.
  • A previous Nonary Game took place nine years ago.
  • The third set of numbered doors bear the numbers 1, 2 and 6.  Add them and you get nine.
Unanswered questions
  • Clover mentions a previous Nonary Game that occurred nine years prior, and which she apparently took part in.  What were the circumstances behind this Nonary Game?
  • Snake is dead, having been killed by the bomb in his body.  But who orchestrated his death, and why?
  • Seven mentioned the body of "Alice" found aboard the Titanic and later purchased by Dashiell Gordain.  Is Alice on board the Gigantic?
  • Clover mentions Junpei "knowing about the clover" in connection to an "experiment".  What does she mean by that?
Real-life references (and myths)
  • Seven's story about EDT crystals becoming hydrates is fictional, seemingly based on the aforementioned legend about glycerin crystallization.
  • "All-Ice Alice", like Ice-9 and the rumored mummy aboard the Titanic, are entirely fictional.
  • The RMS Carpathia and CS Mackay-Bennet were real ships, and performed the roles mentioned by Junpei and Seven in the aftermath of the Titanic disaster.  The Carpathia later sunk after being hit by a German torpedo during World War I, while the Mackay-Bennet was retired in 1922 and later scrapped.
  • The Ship of Theseus (known by many names and variations, including Locke's Socks) is a famous thought experiment.