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999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors Part 6

Door 6 and the Safe ending.

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The theme of nines
  • Santa's sister died nine years ago, possibly in the first Nonary Game.
  • The cargo hold contains a puzzle; 9 numbered boxes are presented, which are opened with the pictures of the nine players in the Nonary Game.
  • There are nine numbered lights on the console in the cargo hold, and nine pins to solve the puzzle with.
  • The second phase of the puzzle has another nine slots.  We have to place all nine pins to make "F" (15 in hex) in each row, column and diagonal line.
  • The combination to the safe is 14383421.  Adding the digits gives a digital root of 9.
  • There are actually three doors that bear the number 9.
  • The incinerator is set on a time limit of nine minutes.
Unanswered questions
  • June's illness comes and goes at seemingly key moments.  Does this have any relevance?
  • Did Clover really find the "0" bracelet in the Captain's quarters?  Seven and Lotus don't recall seeing it...
  • Why does the "0" bracelet function as a 6 bracelet?
  • Where did Santa go in this ending?  Is he really Zero?
  • What exactly did Zero mean when he said he had lost the Nonary Game?
Real-life References (and myths)
  • As far as I know, the experiment mentioned by Santa is fictional, and just serves as a parallel to the players' current situation.
  • Presbyopia is farsightedness that becomes prevalent in older age.