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999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, Part 5

Rewinding to the start, we examine Doors 5, 8 and 3.

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The theme of nines
  • The game of Baccarat comes up regardless of your path choice.  The best hand in Baccarat is a 9.  Fittingly, we need a 9 hand to defeat the dealer's 8 and solve the puzzle in the casino.
  • The other lock requires two card hands totaling 9 to open.
  • Behind door 8, there are two sets of nine lockers.  Nine are open at first, and nine are locked.
Unanswered questions
  • What is the cause of Seven's memory loss?
  • What is in the safe behind Door 5?  It didn't seem to be linked to the room's puzzle at all...
  • Lotus used to work at a cybersecurity firm.  Why did she leave?
  • Who is the person who died behind Door 3?  We now know that it wasn't Snake, as Clover told us that snake has a prosthetic arm in the scene behind Door 8.
  • Snake mentions that human cells die at 107 degrees, and that something like a sauna or an incinerator would be necessary for that.  Does this have any relevance?
Real-life References (and myths)
  • "Michelle's Farm Tools" isn't a real movie (and if the name is a reference, I don't know what it refers to).
  • Aphasia, blindsight and prosopagnosia are all real conditions.