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Killer7 Target 06: Lion (Endings A and B)

Japan is finished.

The UN makes its move.

Oh, and if you're wondering what Killer8 is, it's essentially a "hard mode" for the game.  Smiles are much deadlier now (enough to kill any character besides Mask or Harman in one hit), have more health and their weak points are invisible.  On the upside, you also get another playable character - young Harman Smith, who has the highest health of any character and is armed with a rapid-fire tommy gun.  However, he cannot be upgraded, which limits his usefulness somewhat.

Completing Killer8 unlocks yet another mode called "Hopper7", which replaces all the Heaven Smiles with "Hoppermen" - men who wear grasshopper masks and die in one hit.  However, only the first mission is playable in this mode.