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Let's Play Fallout 2 "Captain Kirk", Part 9

We visit Broken Hills, which in retrospect I probably should have done before New Reno and the SAD.  Oh well.  At least we get a pretty good new companion.

There's one more small "quest" you can do here.

Once Marcus is on your team, you can enter his house and find an, erm, "rubber doll" on his shelves.

Head to the east end of town and talk to Typhon in the Old Ghouls' Home.  He'll ask you for a Cat's Paw magazine, the rubber doll and a bottle of Rotgut, which you can buy at the bar.  Give him all three.  He'll tell you about a treasure he's hidden in town.  (You can steal the Cat's Paw back afterwards).

This gets you 2000 experience.  But if you want to see this story through to the end, check out the well in the first section of town.

You'll find a loose brick, but accidentally drop it down the well, taking the treasure with it.  The well is also too small for you to climb down.  Fortunately there is a treasure hunter nearby!

Talk Micky into helping you and he goes down to retrieve it... and meets a rather gruesome end.  But hey, at least you get your reward.

....10,000 Bottle Caps, which are no longer the accepted currency in Fallout 2's time.  Bleh.

Ah yes, and once you've collected 10 issues of Cat's Paw, turn them into Miss Kitty for 1000 experience.

Mention the fifth issue to her and she'll give you a spare copy, which you can use to gain 10% in your Energy Weapons skill (even if it's over 91%).  Handy dandy.

And finally, another Special encounter I ran across:

The big stone head of the Vault Dweller.  Good for a chuckle.  Also, the Monument Chunk gives you a pretty hefty stat boost for a while (+3 Strength, +3 Agility, +50 Damage Resistance).

You can swipe a few more too, but you need to have a seriously high Steal stat to get away with it; getting caught results in instant death.