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Let's Play Fallout 2 "Captain Kirk", Part 8

We explore the Sierra Army Depot and then wrap things up in New Reno.

I did a bit of inventory management off-camera, but here's a couple other fun stuffs.

Once you become a Made Man (of any family), you can ask to see Eldridge's "special stock", which contains a handful of awesome weapons.  The Sniper Rifle and Bozar are probably the best things here, but the Super Sledge isn't bad either.  Still the strongest melee weapon in the game.

Once you make a name for yourself in New Reno (by becoming a Prizefighter or a Made Man), you can audition to become a porn star at Golden Globes.  This requires 8 Endurance and Agility.  Once you join on (pick the second option), you get 1500 experience, $500 and the Porn Star title, as well as the ability to shoot another movie every month for $500 a pop.  Note that Mrs. Bishop won't talk to you if you're a Porn Star, so be sure to do her quest first.

Like your boxer name choices, your porn star name choices also have a ton of references buried in them.  I chose "Buck Fitch."