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Let's Play Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom - Ayn's Quest Part 2

Ayn discovers the truth behind Satellite and his home world, as well as encountering the one who orchestrated the android invasion.  After his defeat, Alisa III once again knows peace... or does it?

Millennium-old grudges die hard, I suppose.

The king of Cille became convinced that you kidnapped Maia and thus sent Lyle (in dragon form) to get her back. But when Maia explained the situation to Lyle he came to regret what he'd done, and they perhaps saw an opportunity to finally make peace with the Orakians. Hence why Lyle helps you to fix the weather control system and reunite with Maia even if he has to fight his uncle to do so. How Maia ended up in Landen and with amnesia is never quite explained, though we can probably attribute that to a certain someone we'll meet towards the end of the game...