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Let's Play Soul Nomad and the World Eaters, Part 8

We return to the hidden village to report in, and meet up with several old acquaintances as we set out again.

Characters introduced this time (in order of appearance)

Dio Odie
Voiced by: Doug Erholtz

At last the truth is out: The Dio we know is not actually Dio of the Evil Eye, but in fact a Dracosage named "Odie".  He's pretty pathetic as a person, but not too shabby on the battlefield at least.

Voiced by: ?

Her name is revealed at last.  She has ties to Vigilance/Gig, as well as being a central figure in Revya's past.  Her ultimate motive is still pretty vague.

Voiced by: Wendee Lee

A young archer and guardian of Zazana who has ties to both Grunzford and Shauna.  A competent fighter, but a bit on the naive side.