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Free Game Friday 2/2/2024: From Below

Tetris of course is the single best-selling game franchise of all time, and it's gotten ports, remakes, quasi-sequels and too many clones to even count on pretty much every electronic platform that's ever existed.  From Below is another Tetris clone, though unlike most, it's actually made as an NES game and fully capable of running on that hardware on a flash cart or similar device.  Of course, one can also run it in any emulator of their choice.  Its defining feature are two new modes - Kraken Battle, wherein the kraken steadily pushes blocks up from the bottom of the screen but can be warded off momentarily by clearing a line where its tentacle extends, and Turn Based Kraken Battle, which is similar but causes the kraken to move every time a piece drops.  There is of course also good old Classic mode, with no kraken at all.  A solidly made game that implements mechanics of many modern Tetris titles, and all crammed into 40 kilobytes of space!  There's even a version in the works for the Nintendo Versus System arcade cabinets.