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Free Game Friday 1/12/2024: Psycutlery

From the developer of acclaimed Mario fangame "Psycho Waluigi" and utilizing a similar gameplay hook; though instead of a psionic aura you get a floating spork (bearing the name you input) that sticks into objects or enemies and tosses them about.  Throughout stages you also find powerups that grant limited-use projectiles of various sorts, temporary invincibility, and collect tadpoles which serve as the currency in the in-level shops and medallions that allow you to unlock more challenging versions of each level to test your skills.  The platforming action is varied and challenging, but the game is also quite forgiving if you let it be - your maximum health can be freely adjusted and some purchased powerups can be stored for later use, giving you an advantage in later levels.  A fun little romp with some creative mechanics, a very solid presentation, a self-aware sense of humor and 50 stages in total to complete; 100 if you also count the harder versions of each.  Psycutlery could easily pass as a quality commercial release, but the fact that it's free to download and play makes it far too good an offer to pass up.