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Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Part 11

Shields Up, Red Alert

Did some powering up off camera to get Red's super-handy stealing skills, plus I crafted a few other goodies with the Alchemy Pot.
  • Uber War Hammer (Mighty Armlet + War Hammer) for Morrie
  • Sorcerer's Ring (Skull Ring + 2 Saint's Ashes) for the Hero
  • Eros's Bow (Hunter's Bow + Garter) as a crafting component for later on
  • Dark Robe (Cloke of Evasion + Wing of Bat + Devil's Tail)
  • Phantom Mask (Devil's Tail + Iron Headgear) for Angelo
  • Recovery Ring + Gold Bracer to make a Life Bracer
  • Shimmering Dress (Spangled Dress + Gold Bracer + Ruby of Protection) for later on
  • Uber Miracle Sword (Miracle Sword + Life Bracer) for Red.  The best sword she can use, so she's set.