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Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Part 13

Can you say Monster Arena Rank X... First Try?!

Thinking Cap + Magical Hat + Mystifying Mixture = Hexlet's Hat (for Jessica)
Flowing Dress + Magical Skirt = Angel Robe (for crafties)
Gold Bracer + Ruby of Protection + Spangled Dress = Shimmering Dress (for crafties)
Angel Robe + Shimmering Dress + Gold Rosary = Princess Robe (traded to Dodgy Dave for the Abiding Blazer)
Cloak of Evasion + Wing of Bat + Devil's Tail = Dark Robe (crafties)
Dark Robe + Iron Headgear = Phantom Mask (for Morrie)
Gold Nugget + Silver Tiara + Thinking Cap = Golden Tiara (for Red)
Assassin's Dagger + Devil's Tail = Imp Knife (crafties)
Bandit's Grass Skirt + Magical Hat + Magical Mace = Magical Skirt
Magical Skirt + Imp Knife + Mystifying Mixture = Hexlet's Skirt (for Jessica)