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Free Game Friday 11/10/23: Blackthorne

 A platform-puzzler by Blizzard, which has been frequently compared to games like Prince of Persia, Another World and Flashback.  Sure enough it does combine elements from those games, with a lot of platforming, using items to clear paths (often by blowing up doors with grenades) and duking it out with enemies, this time by taking potshots at them with your shotgun and ducking into the background to avoid their attacks.  It's got an interesting fantasy story and some nice, stylish artwork (provided by comic book artist Jim Lee, no less), and while it doesn't stand up quite as well as its inspirations, it's an early Blizzard game that shows off their talent and eye for quality, making it well worth checking out.

Oddly enough the best version of the game for a long time was the 32X port, as it contains an exclusive area (a snowy mountain) that wasn't present in any other version.  With the advent of the Blizzard Arcade Collection, though, it's now more widely available.

One can also purchase the Blizzard Arcade Collection on, Xbox, Playstation or Switch to get definitive versions of this game, as well as Rock & Roll Racing, Lost Vikings 1 and 2 and RPM Racing.