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Free Game Friday 05/26/23: The Theresa Duncan Adventure Games

There's a lot of "computer games for girls" out there, but they tend to be pretty lame even to their target demographic; there's only so many variants on "put the clothes on Barbie" or cheap redskins of games for boys you can take regardless of your age group.  Chop Suey was notable for not just breaking that mold, but for being surprisingly enjoyable even if you weren't in its demographic.  With its uniquely off-beat setting, some surprisingly earnest storytelling and a surreal but charming art style, it's a point-and-click with tons of charm.  Zero Zero is another interactive story set in Paris in the 1900s, while Smarty is a somewhat educational experience.  All of them have been well acclaimed though, and a successful Kickstarter was launched to make the games available to stream online indefinitely, so you can play them for free on Rhizome's website.