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Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss Part 3

 Rotworm Stew

An area I overlooked off-camera was here.  This is the lake Oradinar tells you about; you can catch fish here very easily.  But it's also got two other things of note:
  • A locked chest containing Grav and Corp runes, a pile of gold and a wand of Magic Arrow on a little island you can easily swim to.  You can either lockpick it or break it open; I don't think it has a specific key.
  • If you come in through the locked door near the 3F staircase (pick or smash it open; I don't think there's a key for it), you can follow the path south and east to find an enchanted chain mail armor of Missile Protection.  Probably a better choice for characters with lower strength/carry weight (like me).