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Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen Part 5 (Finale)

 The Skeletor Squisher

The final text crawl reads:

"You have found the Sixth Mirror!  As you approach to claim your prize, Xeen's scepter emits a high pitched whine similar to the sound of a blade sharpened against a whetstone.  The sound is echoed and amplified by the mirror, rising rapidly. Just as you realize that the mirror and the scepter are not compatible, the mirror shatters in a spectacular display of light, noise and violence. The castle gives an awful shudder, groaning as though it were a beast wounded mortally. With masonry falling from the ceiling and dust filling the air, you all decide to remain calm and proceed to the nearest exit in an orderly fashion.

Also Newcastle gives you 50,000 gold in income every year.  Rad.