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Final Fantasy VI spoonshiro Edit Part 1

Go Go Power Rangers

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"spoonshiro Edit" is just a mod that tweaks the SNES release to my personal tastes.

Biggest Changes!
  • Updated numerous descriptions to be more consistent in format and accurate to their effects.
  • ALL Relics now give faster run, removing the need to waste a slot on Sprint Shoes.
  • Several junk relics and items have been tweaked to be more useful (Full list below) and had their prices adjusted accordingly.
  • Evade is useless in the SNES version; all checks for it run off MBlock instead owing to a bug.  Blind status is meaningless for the same reason.  Thus, I've updated weapons that tout "blocking" as a feature with an equal MBlock bonus, and given Blind-negating items extra effects to compensate.
  • Magic Defense is worthless for similar reasons, but I've added elemental resistances to several relics to offset that a bit.  (Hopefully)
Specific Item Tweaks
  • Sprint Shoes have been replaced with Encount-Away, which disables random encounters.  Its price has also been raised to 15,000 GP.
  • Because of this the Moogle Charm has a new effect, giving Mog a 25% bonus to HP and MP and Haste status.
  • Likewise, the Charm Bangle now grants the Image and Shell status when equipped.
  • Goggles now grant a chance for preemptive strike in addition to their normal (useless) effect.  Price is raised to 2400 GP.
  • The Star Pendant absorbs the poison elemental attack as well as blocking the status.  Price is raised to 6000 GP.
  • The Fairy Ring now blocks poison (status and elemental) and Earth damage.  Price is raised to 4500 GP.
  • The Barrier Ring is renamed the Frost Ring and now grants 50% Ice resistance.  Its price is raised to 3500 GP.
  • The Mithril Glove is renamed the Heat Glove and now grants 50% Fire resistance.  Its price is raised to 3500 GP.
  • The Hyper Wrist's mostly-redundant effect has been replaced with a 50% resistance to Bolt, and it's name is changed to the Thunder Ring.  Its price is lowered to 3500 GP.
  • The Cherub Down now grants Safe in addition to its normal (mostly useless) effect.  Its price is raised to 10,000 GP.
  • The Cure Ring now stops Poison and Seizure status in addition to its normal effect.
  • The Zephyr Cape now nullifies Wind and Pearl damage.
  • The Czarina Ring now offers 50% resistance to Fire, Ice, Bolt and Wind, replacing its normal (useless) effect.  Its price is raised to 9000 GP.
  • The Crystal Orb's once-redundant effect is replaced; it now halves damage from all elements.
  • The Gale Hairpin now absorbs Wind and Water, replacing its normal effect.
  • Beads now grant a +20% bonus to MBlock so they do what they're advertised to do.  Price is raised to 9000 GP.
  • Guardian and SwordBreaker now have a MBlock% bonus equal to their Evade%.  
  • Trump and Doom Darts seem to have had their names swapped.  I switched them back.
  • Eyedrops are now "Flydrops" and cast Float on the party.  Their price has also been raised to 2200 GP. 
  • All Esper spells are now learned at 10x the normal rate to cut down on tedious grinding.
  • Raiden now gives the previously unused Speed +2 bonus on level instead of whatever redundant crap he had before, so trading in Odin isn't a downgrade.
  • Phoenix now uses the previously-unused HP +100% level-up bonus.
  • Ragnarok now has the Strength (Vigor) +2 bonus.
  • The fish for the dumb minigame with Cid now have distinct names and descriptions.
  • Terra now begins with an Encount-Away. 
  • The characters' names now use lowercase letters by default because the alternative grates on me.
  • Tyranosaurs and Sprinters are now guaranteed to drop their respective items (Imp's Spear and Imp's Armor) for shenanigans.
  • Imp gear all now has a naming scheme to avoid confusion (Imp's Spear, Helmet, Armor and Shield).