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Free Game Friday 10/25/19: Yume Nikki

A notable Japanese indie title that saw much acclaim in the west as well, Yume Nikki is an odd game for sure.  Built in RPG Maker but containing virtually no dialog and zero combat, the game is less of an RPG and more of an experience - one wanders through a variety of surreal mazes, landscapes and strange sights, occasionally finding one of twenty-four "Effects" that change Nikki's appearance and occasionally grant her extra abilities like (riding a bike or changing her color to monochrome).  Occasionally one can become stuck with no way out, but the player can wake themselves at any time by pressing the "9" key and try again.  The meaning (if any) of the worlds, the abilities they unlock and the strange imagery one encounters are mostly up to player interpretation, and while there is an "ending" per se, it really doesn't answer much (and is likely to only leave the player with more questions).  Captivatingly strange, and definitely worth a look for any serious gamer.