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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Part 7

Becoming Nerevarine through violence is a loosely acceptable solution

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Off-camera Alchemy shenanigans!

  • I visited Valenvaryon (northeast of the Urshilaku camp), which is a stronghold that's been overtaken by a band of hostile orcs.  However, the master Alchemist trainer Abelle Chriditte also lives here, in the Propylon Chamber.  She is the only trainer in the game that can boost Alchemy to 100, and one of the few that sells Grandmaster alchemy equipment.  I did both.
  • After that, I farmed a few tombs, pathways and a handful of alchemist shops to get a bunch of Ash Yam, Netch Leather, Vampire Dust and Dreugh Wax.
  • The reason Alchemy is so broken in Morrowind is simple: There's effectively no upper limit to the boosts you can get from it.  And since it's based on your Intelligence stat, you can easily boost that to ridiculous degrees, then craft ridiculously powerful potions that last literal days of in-game time.  I also made a spell to expedite the process slightly (Fortify Intelligence and Luck 100 points for 1 second - as long as it needs to be, since time pauses while in the menu).
  • Once you've got the ingredients and the buffer spell active, you just make a Fortify Intelligence potion (Ash Yam + Netch Leather), drink it, make another one, drink it, and so on and so forth, until you have a rather ridiculously high Intelligence (I got well over 10,000 after doing this 45 times in a row).  
  • Then, once my intelligence was sufficiently buffed, I crafted the Vampire Dust and Dreugh Wax potions into 20 of these:

Also of note is the Indalen Ancestral Tomb, just northeast of Caldera.  This area has four random Daedric enemies spawn based on the player's level; at 25 and above these can include the all-powerful Golden Saints.  They're handy for not just their souls, but the fact that they may randomly have a Daedric Tower Shield (which is the single best item in the game to enchant).  I went ahead and got one, as well as a Daedric Katana (from a randomly spawned Dremora), and enchanted both:

The latter will be handy against those particularly stubborn magic-resistant enemies, while the latter will be great for everything else.