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Zero Time Dilemma Part 2

The rest of Team C's available choices

Unanswered Questions
  • Does Zero's story have any relevance to the Decision Game?
  • What does Zero mean by "six will die" in the Poison timeline?
  • Who killed Junpei in the Suspicion timeline?
  • Which timeline did Carlos make the promise in?
Real life references/myths
  • The Anthropic Principle is a philosophical consideration that observations of the universe must be compatible with the conscious and sapient life within it.
  • A tautology is a formula or assertion that is true in every possible interpretation.
  • Sophistry is the usage of a fallacious argument, often with the intention to deceive.
  • What Akane says is true: Leucocholoridium Paradoxum and Spinochordodes tellini are parasites that cause fatal behavior changes in gastropods and grasshoppers/crickets in order to propogate their life cycles.  Toxoplasma gondii similarly affects nearly all warm-blooded animals and can cause negative behavioral changes in humans, though its effect is most pronounced in rats, making them less fearful of felids (within which the virus can reproduce).
Path Summary ("Poison")
  • Team C awakens in the Infirmary, and are told a story by Zero about a man who was found guilty of murder, executed, but later exonerated by DNA evidence.
  • The three of them are told that they have been injected with a poison and that "six of them will die.".  They solve the room's puzzle and acquire the antidote - six vials of it.
  • They save themselves, but learn that Team Q is dead.  They send Gab through the vent with the antidote, hoping to save Team D.
  • Carlos has a glimpse of another timeline - Junpei's severed head in the pantry.  Before he can spend much thought on this, however, Team C is drugged and loses their memories again.
  • X-Passes revealed: "Eye" "Kill" "Fool"
Path Summary ("Anthropic Principle")
  • Team C awakes in the Rec Room, where Carlos reveals that his parents died because of his inexperience.
  • They complete the room's puzzle and are forced to play an unfair game - all three of them must roll a single die, and all must roll a 1.  Any other result is death.
  • (The player witnesses two bad rolls and they are gunned down.  However...)
  • Miraculously, all three roll a 1 and they survive.  This prompts a discussion between the three about the Anthropic Principle, Tautology and Sophistry.
  • It is revealed that Team Q is dead, as are Diana and Sigma.
  • X-Passes revealed: "Eye" "Kill" "Fool" "Moon" "Fate"
Path Summary ("First Come, First Saved: C")
  • Team C awakes in the decontamination room, where Junpei reveals the reason behind his cynical personality - he joined a private investigation firm in his search for Akane, and saw the darker side of humanity.  He also reveals that he and Seven destroyed Free the Soul's HQ at some point in the past.
  • Zero explains this game: The first to press the yellow button lives, the other two teams die.
  • Under pressure from Junpei, Carlos presses the button and the other two teams are killed.
  • Junpei and Akane escape, but Carlos stays behind, saying "I made a promise in another history that I'd definitely save you two."
  • X-Passes revealed: "Self" "Rip" "Lake" "Bird" "Twin" "Old"
Path Summary ("Suspicion")
  • Akane and Carlos awake in the pantry, with Junpei missing.
  • After completing the puzzle, they find Junpei's severed head in the freezer with a bloody axe and chainsaw nearby.
  • Akane takes the chainsaw and cuts down the door, and the two exit the room to the lounge.
  • Carlos flash backs to his sister, suffering from Reverie Syndrome (which causes memory fragments to flood one's mind continuously).  An offhand remark about the promised money causes Akane to believe him to be Junpei's killer.  
  • She threatens him with the chainsaw before fleeing, leaving Carlos to ponder who really killed Junpei.
  • X-Passes revealed: "Blue" "Red" "Milk" "Jump"