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Golden Nugget (Playstation 1)

Mystery, intrigue, cheesy acting, science fiction and Adam Fucking West make this my favorite casino game ever.

Watch Golden Nugget (Playstation 1) from spoonshiro on

For the sake of brevity, here's a megacut of all the FMVs:

Watch Golden Nugget PS1 - All FMVs in Glorious Upscaled 240i from spoonshiro on

A couple interesting tidbits I discovered in the process of ripping and editing these.
  • There is evidence of some deleted scenes.  All of the story mode cutscenes are numbered, but a few are skipped; there are no videos numbered 2, 9, 15 or 22 on either disc.  
  • The final video is 23B, whereas all of the others have an "A" suffix.  Could there have been an alternate ending planned?