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Suikoden Part 7 (Finale)

I do love me a final dungeon that falls to pieces for no apparent reason upon the big bad's defeat.

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Chiko Star - Mace

The best of the blacksmiths, but that's not saying a whole lot.  His high attack power and defense are respectable, but he has the weakness of not being able to sharpen his own weapon up to 16 (can't talk to him at the castle while he's in your party!), which will forever leave him behind the best and brightest you've got.  What a bummer.
Rating: **

Tenritsu Star - Griffith

A mediocre short-ranger with average stats across the board, which overall puts him lower than even other generic short-rangers like Hix and the blacksmiths.  And considering how late in the game he shows up, you probably won't ever use him.  No big loss.
Rating: **

Tenki Star - Warren

Another late-gamer who is disappointingly average in every respect.  While his Power, Skill and Defense are decent enough for a mid-ranger, there's really not much about him that stands out from any other.
Rating: **

Tenyu Star - Kasim

Your archetypal front-liner, with a higher power stat than most, as well as solid HP, Defense and respectable Skill.  Not a bad character, but you'll have several better options available by the time he shows up.
Rating: ***

Chima Star - Taggart

Warren's servant, who aids his master in war battles and not much else.
Rating: N/A

Chichin Star - Vincent

Vincent finally joins, and all he ends up doing is joining the Narcists (sic) unit in our one remaining war battle.  Meh.
Rating: N/A

Chii Star - Maximillian

A later-comer who proves his worth, leading the strongest of your Charge units during the final battle.  Pretty handy, but he's no help off the fields of war.
Rating: N/A

Chiei Star - Sancho

Maximillian's squire, who joins him in leading a Charge unit.  That's... it.
Rating: N/A

Tenjyu Star - Sonya

A short-ranged fighter with a strong grasp of magic, high MP, and solid stats all-around.  Though not quite as good in her role as Flik or Alen, she's a respectable alternative and a pretty good choice for the final gauntlet.
Rating: ***