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Suikoden Part 2

The first of several recruitment drives has begun.

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Stars of Destiny

Tenkai Star - Tir (Mordred)

The main character whom you'll be using throughout the game.  Tir has quite high stats all-around and wields the beastly Soul Eater rune, which lets him access some quite powerful magic.  You certainly won't regret being stuck with him.
Battle Rating: *****

Tenman Star - Cleo

Despite being one of the first characters you recruit, Cleo remains a force to be reckoned with throughout the entire game.  Solid stats all around, a strong long-ranged attack and a relatively high amount of magic points make her a character you can easily use from start to finish.
Battle Rating: ****

Tenei Star - Gremio

A mid-range fighter with relatively low attack power, respectable defense, and only passable spellcasting abilities.  Acceptable for the early game, but we'll be getting better options later.
Battle Rating: **

Tenko Star - Viktor

Viktor hits hard, gets the single strongest weapon in the game (later on), and his incredibly high HP and defense make him a tank that can hold his own in almost any fight.  One of the best front-line fighters in the game, hands down.  Give him a Killer Rune and let him go nuts.
Rating: ****

Tenyu Star - Camille

Camile has an incredibly high SKL stat, which lets her evade and counter attacks at a higher rate than most.  She also gets quite a respectable amount of MP.  Everything else about her is pretty average, though she's still a solid character for the early-to-mid portions of the game.
Battle Rating: ***

Tenhei Star - Tai Ho

A respectable fighter with decent HP, power, speed and skill, but weak defense and no spellcasting power to speak of.  Not bad for the early game, but you'll get better options before you know it.  He also has a highly-damaging Unite skill with Yam Koo, though it dizzies both of them.
Rating: **

Tenson Star - Yam Koo

Like Tai Ho, he's a passable fighter, with a bit less power and a touch more speed than his brother-in-law.  You might use him a bit in the early stages, but he'll get passed up before long.
Rating: **

Tenkai Star - Luc

A very powerful mage - he gets more MP than anyone else, his magic power is the strongest in the game, and his speed is honestly pretty respectable as mages go.  That said, his HP, attack power and defense are absolutely horrible.  Keep him in the back row and use him to nuke bosses for best results.
Rating: ***

Tenki Star - Mathiu

Doesn't fight, but he serves your army's tactician, lets you do double battle with a Charge attack in war battles, and drives much of the plot.
Rating: N/A

Chisou Star - Sergei

Installs an elevator in your castle, which is convenient.  However, he is completely worthless in a fight.  Uniformly horrible stats and a bad weapon make him little more than a punching bag.
Rating: *

Chiin Star - Marie

Former housekeeper to the McDohl family, now an innkeeper at your castle.  She does her job well, but isn't a fighter.
Rating: N/A

Chizen Star - Onil

A know-it-all character, which pretty much just amounts to her being an average war unit and nothing else.
Rating: N/A

Chisyu Star - Antonio

Your castle cook, and while he does his job there, he is definitely not cut out for the battlefield.  Awful stats across the board.
Rating: *

Chihi Star - Kai

Tir's old teacher has decent HP and respectable attack power, but is pretty lousy in every other category.  His real strength comes from his Unite attack, which lets him and Tir do heavy damage to all enemies on the field at once.  He starts out with a Level 8 weapon and is handy for sweeping up random encounters early on, but he'll become obsolete once better-balanced characters start showing up.
Rating: ***

Chibaku Star - Maas

The first of several blacksmiths you'll recruit, and like his fellow apprentices (and master), he's pretty unremarkable on the battlefield.  His stats are ultimately nothing special, and while he fares okay in the early stages, it won't be long before you find better options.  Let him hang out at home and sharpen weapons.
Rating: **

Chiretsu Star - Sansuke

He installs the baths at your castle, which provide a bit of an amusing novelty.  However, low stats across the board mean Sansuke is not worth bothering with as a battle character in any way, shape or form.
Rating: *

Total: 16/108